150+ Best Free Responsive Joomla Templates

New free responsive Joomla templates 3.2 , 3.x , 2.5 and more for joomla developer to see new and experience to create your professional website with Joomla content management system. (updated 2014)

Joomla templates have more functions that easy for you to control, Today have collect professional joomla templates available free download. Freebies always important beginner web developer because they can download to test and learning about those templates. But you should read license before using public. New joomla templates come with css3 HTML5 and responsive layout.

All freebie joomla templates are simple, clean, creative and corporate business designs and will suit any type of business. The powerful admin panel effective with many templates positions, drop down menu, the setting custom logo that lets you view your image or logo custom logo text, you can also view the slideshow.

If you want to upgrade joomla templates for your website, you consider about your current joomla extensions as well. Because some joomla extensions not support all joomla version.

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Free One-Page Mania JSN Yoyo

JSN Yoyo is a distinctive Joomla template that has the one-page interface which allows delivers a brand-new experience to the visitors when a website acts as a storyteller. Besides the extended styles for K2 & Kunena, it also works intuitively on all devices with the responsive layout.

1.jpgFree-One-Page-Mania-JSN-YoyoDemo More Info

ST Hexagon – Free clean professional joomla template

It is a modern responsive joomla template that can be used as a foundation for any purpose: blog, projects or photo portfolio, as well as a corporate website for your company or studio.

ST-Hexagon-Free-clean-professional-joomla-templateDemo More Info

Avatar Nine Flat Free Joomla 3.0

Avatar Nine Flat is a responsive joomla templates with great features. It is built on Avatar Framework but have implemented & improved for many purpose.

Avatar-Nine-Flat-Free-Joomla-3.0Demo More Info

SJ Plus – Free responsive Joomla! template

SJ Plus – Joomla! template with bootstrap, responsive layout, SEO optimized and LESS has been released. This template used most innovative designs and code libraries to bring developers a powerful and flexible template, but FREE entirely! With support from in-house modules, that are provided free as well, we can use this as a base for building high quality Websites based on Joomla!

SJ Plus - Free responsive Joomla template Demo More Info

Avatar Tahoma Free Joomla 3.0

Avatar Tahoma is a responsive joomla templates with great features. It is built on Avatar Framework but have implemented & improved for many purpose.

Avatar-Tahoma-Free-Joomla-3.2Demo More Info

Real Estate November 2013 – Free Joomla 3.1 Template

The new free joomla template “Real Estate, November” is released. Template was specially created for real estate and property websites. It combines clean modern design and powerful functionality. “Real Estate, November” is based on OS Joomla Blank Template and has fully responsive layout that match to all screen resolutions. Note that we provide not only free template, but free Joomla Quickstart package that includes template, Real Estate Manager Basic, sample data (for newcomers) and also updated Real Estate slideshow module with touch functions. And all this you can get absolutely FREE!

Free Real Estate Joomla 3.1 TemplateDemo More Info

Baryonic – Free Responsive Template for Joomla by Crosstec

Baryonic is a new free Joomla 3.x template by Crosstec, which is still native to Joomla 2.5. Its bleached layout is very unique. Crosstec designed a same style for the drop down menu. 2 menu styles are available in the free version. You can get 2 other in a commercial version. The used image slideshow is responsive, adapt its width automatically to every device. Baryonic can be used universal. The download is free. Crosstec provide this template also in a commercial version with much more features.

Baryonic-Free-Responsive-TemplateDemo Download

Luxury Interior Design (Responsive)

This free sample was created specially for your convenience and in order to simplify your future work with Joomla 3.0 Templates that have a powerful working potential. It is a perfect chance to discover Joomla template for purpose of interior design company.

Luxury Interior Design Responsive Joomla TemplateDemo Download

TheKraken – Free Animation Responsive Template

Amazing responsive template in 2 distinct variations (Flat and Dark) with a unique slider

TheKraken-Free-Animation-Responsive-TemplateDemo Download

Brown Template – Free Responsive HTML5 Joomla template

This template designed with css twitter bootstrap framework

Brown Template - Free Responsive HTML5 Joomla templateDemo Download

Free Simple 5 Joomla Template

Simple 5 template is CMS Joomla 2.5 3.1 template that expose Framework.HTML5 and CSS3.Responsive layout.Flexible & powerful Layout system.65+ Position module

Free Simple 5 Responsive Joomla TemplateDemo Download

Prismatic – Free Responsive Joomla Template

Prismatic is responsive joomla template for your personal website or hotel template an awesome background slider.

Prismatic - Free Responsive Joomla TemplateDemo Download

Neutrino: Free Joomla 3.1 Template

Neutrino is a free Joomla 1.7 – 3.1 template featuring a simple design with flexible layouts. This is a 3-column template with adjustable sidebar widths. Foreground colors and background patterns can be easily set to fit your website’s unique look.

Neutrino: Free Joomla 3.1 Template Demo More Info

Education, School Joomla Template (3.1)

This template is suitable for purpose of eduction, school website templates that using joomla

Education School Joomla Template 3.1Demo Download

Mj Nustar – Free Responsive Joomla 3.0 template

Mj Nustar is a responsive joomla template designed for mobiles, tablets and desktops. It is compatible with Joomla 3.0. it is a clean and classic style, and have more then 20 Module positions, it uses Solid grid system and Bootstrap framework, mobile optimized slideshow and Menu

Mj Nustar  Free Responsive Joomla 3.0 templateDemoDownload

Professional Business Joomla 3.0 template with Slider

Professional Business Joomla 3.0 template with SliderDemoDownload


Kotoba is our first free Joomla 2.5 template. It’s built on the powerful Warp Framework by YooTheme, so you know it’s fast, responsive, and easy to customize.

Kotoba Joomla 2.5 TemplateDemoDownload

AppStore Modern Joomla Template (3.0)

AppStore is our new and modern Joomla template, that is compatible with version 2.5 and was also tested on 3.0 as our prevision templates. This template is perfect for any business website, that need a professional look.

AppStore Modern Joomla Template 3.0DemoDownload

Green Machine – Responsive Joomla 2.5 or 3.1 Template

If green is your favorite color then Green Machine is for you! It’s a responsive Joomla template that’s green, green, and more green! Would be great for a “go green” environmentalism site.

Green Machine - Responsive Joomla 2.5 or 3.1 TemplateDemo More info

Avatar Simple – responsive Joomla template

Avatar Simple is fully free responsive joomla 2.5 template, you can download this template by sign up free account.

Avatar Simple responsive Joomla templateDemo / Download

Light Blue Medical Joomla 3.0 Template

Light Blue Medical is a very nice looking, professional template that works with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0 versions.

Light Blue Medical Joomla 3.0 TemplateDemoDownload


Freemium is a free premium template! It utilizes the full power of Expose including cross-browser compatibility, built-in mobile device compatibility, brilliant typography, all the cool and strong plug-ins, light weight code etc.

Freemium Joomla TemplateDemoDownload

Flexible Business (3.0)

Flexible Business Joomla TemplateDemoDownload

Meet Gavern Responsive Joomla 3.0 template

Meet Gavern Responsive Joomla 3.0 templateDemoDownload

SJ Joomla3 (3.0)

SJ Joomla 3 TemplateDemoDownload

PixelDot (3.0)

PixelDot Joomal 3 TemplateDemoDownload

V Framework 3.0 Responsive

JV Framework is responsive layout, capable of adapting itself to fit different window sizes and device solutions, from desktops to tablets and mobiles.

V Framework 3.0 ResponsiveDemoDownload

Prototype Responsive Joomla 3.0 Template

Prototype Responsive Joomla 3.0 TemplateDemoDownload

Car Driver Template (3.0)

Car Driver Template 3DemoDownload

Gamer Joomla 3.0 Template

Gamer Joomla 3.0 TemplateDemoDownload

Avatar Nine

Avatar Nine is a free responsive joomla templates with great features. It is built on Avatar Framework but have implemented & improved for many purpose.

Avatar-Nine Responsive JoomlaDemoDownload

Skin Care

Skin Care joomla templateDemoDownload

Etro Responsive Joomla Tempaltes

Avatar vincent is fully free responsive joomla 2.5 & 3.x template, you can download this template by sign up free account.

Etro Responsive Joomla TempaltesDemoDownload

JM-Lifestyle (Sport)

JM-Lifestyle Sport joomla templateDemoDownload

Single Page Coming Soon template

Single Page Coming Soon joomla templateDemoDownload

Adri Responsive Joomla 3.0 Template

Adri Responsive Joomla 3.0 TemplateDemoDownload

Feuerwehr V2

Feuerwehr V2 joomla templateDemoDownload

JSNSky Responsive Joomla Tempaltes

JSNSky is fully free responsive joomla 2.5 & 3.x template, you can download this template by sign up free account.

JSNSky Responsive Joomla TempaltesDemoDownload

JSN Kido

JSN Kido joomla templateDemoDownload


The new released Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 template JSN Air. JSN Air is a clean template and easy to customize. The “install sample data” mechanism and template parameters are just incredibly functional.

JSN Air joomla templateDemoDownload

Interior Design Joomla 2.5 i 3.0

Interior Design Joomla 2.5DemoDownload

So Sassy Joomla 2.5 i 3.0

So Sassy Joomla 2.5DemoDownload

Car Repair Joomla 2.5 i 3.0

Car Repair Joomla 2.5 templateDemoDownload

JA Puresite (Joomla 2.5)

JA Puresite is designed with Responsive layout which help you bring your high portfolio website into tablets and other mobile devices in an easy way.


The Brand Joomla

Joomla template suitable for 2.5 and 3.0 was built in library powered admin panel where you can change all the parameters of the template. Subject to template online store or catalog, in the colors gray and white and red.

The Brand Joomla templateDemoDownload

Infinity Group

Infinity Group joomla templateDemoDownload

JSN Vintage

JSN Vintage joomla templateDemoDownload

IT Future

IT Future joomla template Download

Ol albos

Ol albos is a free responsive Joomla 3.0, joomla 2.5 template, joomla 1.7 and joomla 1.6. A cool feature is header with photo text and link for each photo. It has 23 module positions.

Ol albos joomla templateDemoDownload


This templates is perfect for purpose of medical health center blog website

Medical joomla templateDemoDownload

Joomla Theme for Business Web Resource (2.5)

This template is well designed for purpose business consulting, law and cooperation

Joomla Theme for Business Web Resource 2.5Demo Download

Automatic Joomla Car Template (2.5)

The modern design of Free automatic Joomla Car Template is a perfect fit for bringing your business online. The layout in contrasting colors speaks for the solid business ideas and products of the premium quality.

Automatic Joomla Car Template 2.5Demo Download

Photography Joomla Template (2.5)

This template is best design for personal blog related to photography who photographer may like this create their own blog to show and share photos or know knowledge by online.

Photography Joomla Template 2.5Demo Download

Medical, Health, Doctor Free Joomla Template

This joomla template is just perfect for any medical, practice or  health website.

Medical-Health-Doctor-Free-Joomla-TemplateDemo Download More Info

Free JS Studio

JS Studio- Free is all purpose, and versatile Joomla Template and comes with 1 color style.

free-JS-Studio-joomlaDemo More Info

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