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90+ Best Cafe & Restaurant WordPress Themes 2016

Free and premium cafe restaurant WordPress themes suitable to create  impressive restaurant, cafe, bar, or diner website etc! With restaurant themes you are able to showcase the menu of your cafe, restaurant, show description price or booking table.

There are infinite amount of cafés and restaurants websites that easily access the World Wide Web, attempting to market themselves. Effective marketing strategies are indispensable in getting the word out and creating a buzz for many cafe restaurants WordPress themes. Therefore, it is important to have a website that promotes your café or restaurant. Having an online presence is necessary to ensure that one can reach out to his/her target market.

It is usually tedious to create restaurant websites, thus one should opt for café and restaurant WordPress themes. WordPress themes usually enable restaurants to either redesign existing websites or create new ones. It comes in handy for those who are struggling to come up with ideas on how to create attractive and organized websites. Pre-designed restaurant WordPress templates come with an array of features that enable customization of websites.

The restaurant WordPress theme usually includes free plugins and theme options that allow cafes and restaurants to present the businesses and elegantly showcase their products. Additionally, pre-designed templates allow users to save on effort and time. There are a variety of free and premium cafe and restaurant themes that WordPress offers, including:

Crab & Spice

Crab & SPICE etc. your restaurant, cafe, bar, restaurant, suitable perfect WordPress theme to create an impressive online presentation.

Crab & SPICE combines the modern and interactive design and great functionality. With our theme you describe, you can introduce a menu of prices, it displays the nutritions of the ingredients and dishes, your restaurant. In addition, visitors are easier because you can make reservations through the website by integrating the scheduling plugin.

SPICE and perhaps because of that WooCoomerce (a) compatibility store design integrates the entire Crab & you can open your online store, products, produce or sell food through the website.

cuisine restaurant wordpress theme demo download / more info


This theme is built in restaurants and other food / hospitality site. If you are a restaurant associated with the food, cafes, slow food, boutiques, coffee shops and street bars, fast food, pizzeria, ice cream shop or anything owned or operated, you should know to need a website you’re looking good. That is why we have created a culinary theme. It can also be used for smaller food companies in the world. So that the community can create and send newsletters to your theme have integrated MailChimp.

crab cafe wordpress theme demo download / more info


Lavie is accredited as a responsive theme that is suitable for bars, cafes and restaurants that are in need of a marketing websites. It is a suitable option that provides various templates, all created in unique designs, using creative graphics and a flat material design. Lavie is an ideal restaurant WordPress theme that combines a vintage-style display, with a clean and elegant touch that provides customers with an outstanding and eye-catching scene. The theme provides its users with icons that allows them to place food and drinks orders, and make reservations.

Lavie is accessible to a wide variety of devices, including mobile phones and tablets, with an SEO capability, which adds onto its high responsivity. Customers are able to remain entertained with the revolution slideshow, which automatically runs when the site is accessed. A WooCommerce ecommerce plugin enables site owners to easily create a shopping cart that offers customers with safe and easy money payment options to select from, while making purchases. Lavie is accessible to customers across the world, speaking different dialects, with a WPML, RTL, multilingual and translation-ready option. The theme is also integrated with a testimonial template-icon that enables restauranteurs to publish their portfolios on their websites.

lavie restaurant cafe wordpress theme demo download / more info


Fable guarantees as a good option for restaurateurs who are looking for a premium WordPress theme. The theme is designed for bakery, food, pub, café and restaurant websites. Fable comes with a variety of free plugins, including the Visual Composer plugin and the Revolution Slider plugin. It is well suited for café and restauranteurs looking for a theme with a modern design and clean code that provides contact forms and working reservations. Fable ensures that restauranteurs are able to easily access and maneuver through the development phase of their website, by including several demo videos that guide users through the theme template options.

The theme is coupled with a boxed and wide layout that gives room for the support of other layouts, including the right sidebar, no sidebar and the left sidebar option. For those clients who like to liven up the scene with color, Fable guarantees unlimited selections of colors that can be separately selected or combined to achieve desired outputs. In addition to the unlimited option of color, Fable also supports Google Font, providing an array of fonts that users can select from. The theme guarantees a user-friendly experience that gives a clear documentation of step by step procedures used to create one’s site.

fable restaurant wordpress theme demo download / more info


It is a powerful restaurant theme that is loaded with premium functionalities that guarantee to take your business to higher levels. It has a variety of competitive display options that are combined with flexible keys and artistic designs. Therefore, café owners and restauranteurs are left to do as little as just adding pieces of their personal tastes and preferences, to make the theme spectacularly adjustable and personalized.

The theme is ultra-responsive, enabling website owners and customers to easily access various product and service icons, while being able to make improvements on the website’s functionality. LaCuisine comes with a fully compatible WooCommerce tab that enables customers to easily access a wide variety of payment options, without having to worry about the safety of their funds. Café owners and restauranteurs are also able to use the ecommerce option to provide a platform, on their website, to sell their products. The theme carries a multilingual WPML option that provides website access to users of different dialects, including; French, Spanish, English and Italian. LaCuisine has an interactive video background that makes website visits intriguing, while providing a variety of demos, which provide theme creation tips to owners. A Google Maps icon allows site owners to provide physical addresses to customers across the world, enabling easy location, by providing convenient travel routes to their destinations. Website owners are also equipped with many useful short-codes that simplify the tedious work of locating several commands and theme options.

lacuisine-restaurant-themedemo download / more info


Plate is a sharp, powerful and incredibly diverse WordPress theme that was exclusively created for restaurants, cafes, sandwich shops, bistros and bars, including several other eateries that are seeking a sleek theme for their website. The exceptionally powerful theme is usually built from a raw template, with the aid of several demos, to create beautiful and amazingly-designed websites.

Plate is built using pixel perfect layouts that are immensely flexible, providing simple options of �drag and drop’ and repositioning an eatery’s web space. The theme has an inherently flexible option that lets its users to select from an array of styles and layouts that are able to fit any eatery’s needs. Restauranteurs are provided with an infinite amount of layouts to select from, with additional customizable color pickets that enable them to obtain unique website designs. Plate restaurant WordPress theme has a live preview site creation that allows users to check on their progress, so as to identify if they are headed in the right direction, as they get an overview perspective of what their website appears. The theme’s 100% mobile responsivity allows customers using mobile phone devices to easily access eatery websites, since a lot of people are currently opting to use mobile phones to access many websites. Plate provides customers with a 100% translatable option, thus, providing access to a wider market. The theme is also accompanied with a built-in social media navigator that enables customers to share website content to social media sites.

plate-restaurant-cafe-themedemo download / more info

OldStory – Whisky Bar

OldStory is a theme desirable to pub and bar owners looking for a business website. Created especially to markey Whisky shops and bars, the OldStory holds a functional and modern design that has numerous customizable features and displays. The theme can also serve as cafe, coffee shop, tavern or brewery website themes. Its functional enables easy installation and running of the template, offering flexibility and customization options. The theme has a cross-browser capability that enables accessibility via various browser applications including IE9+, Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome. It also has a one-click demo installation that secures time, while teaching users on how design the template.

The theme bears an informative and intuitive visual interface layout that would look suitable on any platform, due to its fully responsive server. OldStory is usually compatible with various premium plugins, including; Essential Grid, Revolution Slider, Visual Composer, and PO Composer. The many plugins enable users to work easily and effectively. OldStory is also equipped with WooCommerce that comes readily supplied with a shop design, therefore, building the website consumes lesser time and effort.

oldstory pub restaurant wp theme demo download / more info


The Gilgio theme is an ideal selection for antique lovers, as it offers non-technical drag and drop management option. The design offers simple options of tiled images, user-friendly light palettes and readable typographies. The theme offers a photo display with a double-column array, in addition to an authors’ column. The WordPress theme is designed to enhance a closer relationship between customers and restauranteurs, through offering a newsletter subscription form. The newsletter subscription option enables visitors to subscribe to mailing lists with single clicks. Gilgio is a highly visual theme of a bootstrap power supply that provides an ideal environment for users, irrespective of the type of access device they use.

gigliodemo download / more info


For individuals interested in obtaining designs that are best suitable for bars, restaurants, cafes and bakeries (including more food businesses), HotCoffee is an impressive WordPress Theme. The theme is designed to provide websites with a clean and bright, interactive design that allows visitors to quickly locate services, food and menu options. It is subject to offering online customers with an option of reserving tables with its plugin and reservation buttons.

HotCoffee also comes with a FoodPress plugin that showcases all available options of food and drink, enabling customers to place online orders for their food and/or coffee. Payment options have been safely established via Woo Commerce, providing billing options for various mobile and internet banking service providers.

hotcoffee-cafe-restaurant-themedemo download / more info

Italian Restaurant

Authentic ravioli and Italian pasta are dishes, among many Italian cuisines that are unforgettable to one’s palate. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to afford stylish trips to Italy, so as to get a test of this Eden. However, small Italian shops have been established across the world, offering authentic recipes that are prepared by homegrown chefs. There is no better way for such establishments to market their meals and services than by selecting the Italian Restaurant WordPress theme.

The Italian Restaurant is an amazing theme for café restauranteurs who desire a full-width slider that gives users the option of displaying a photo gallery and portfolio-designed meal presentation. The meal is well fitted with a classy combination orange, grey and black offset of colors, which offers responsive food-category and social media buttons. Crisp and mouthwatering displays place special emphasis on converting images into elegant designs that first appear to customers that visit the site. Owners can select between designs for beginning and updating pasta and ravioli websites, which provide one with the best collections of Italian recipes that will guarantee customer loyalty.

italian-restaurant-wordpress-theme-58382demo download / more info


Tomato is among the top creative, responsive and modern restaurant WordPress themes that can be used by recipe websites, cafes or any other eatery. The theme offers an endless array of editing options that are carefully crafted to meet users’ needs.

The theme is fitted with a drag and drop option that lighted design tasks. The trendy, flat and modern template borrows it character from the urban minimalistic trend that is seen in recent settings. Tomato theme is fitted with four homepage variations that are equipped with four menu styles, varying from the grid, overlay, list and tile options. A WooCommervce enables easy and secure online purchases, with additional recipe and blog layouts. Direct support from the theme’s author enables clients to make queries and suggestions. Tomato offers ample space for users with a lot of content, offering 10 shopping pages, 8 recipe pages, and 7 blog pages.

tomato restaurant cafe wordpress theme demo download / more info

Little Italy

If searching for a café-related website theme, Bite is a right choice, as it comes with an outstanding and clean layout that enables its users to create the website in a way that will make it unique. Bite is a very flexible theme that allows its users to run various essential functionalities and features. It is an entirely retina-ready and responsive theme, with a compatible WPML plugin and parallax scrolling, which enables owners to gain access to global audiences.

Bite restaurant theme enables users to control all the elements of their websites, with over 600 Google fonts, which ensure that uniqueness in design is achieved. It is optimized for both purposes of search engine and speed, which allows documentation of files, thus, building a website can be achieved in the least possible period.

little-italydemo download / more info


bite restaurant wordpress theme demo download / more info


Risotto is created to serve as both as café and restaurant website theme. It is an entirely retina ready, responsive theme that is compatible with a WPML plugin and parallax scrolling. The WooCommerce plugin enables the provision of a revenue stream. Fitted with WPML, website navigation texts are easily translatable, enabling owners to have a wider access to customers.

The theme’s drag and drop Visual Composer plugin gives users completer control over pager layouts, allowing them to quickly create pages. The Contact Form 7 enables customers to contact restaurants and cafes and make orders, enquiries or comments. The theme has a one-click run’ that enables users to create a fully-functional site within minutes.

risotto wordpress restaurant cafe theme demo download / more info


If you are looking for a provocative and aesthetically clean theme that has been thoroughly graphically polished and visually accomplished, look no further. Sage has been efficiently coded to become a dynamic, lightweight, readily malleable and intuitively customizable theme. It is well structured and versatile, coupled with developer and user-friendly modules that provide multipurpose selections.

Sage is a detail-oriented development that is centered on several facets of cafes and restaurants, including coverage options of experiential, graphical and navigational needs. The WordPress theme is packed with over 50 varied, unique, niche and general demo websites that are carefully predesigned to pursue and fulfill diverse aesthetical, structural or functional values. It is coupled with dozens of attractive and sleek restaurant café demos that vary in nature, scales, which are all available once Sage in installed.

sage premium restaurant wordpress theme demo download / more info


Cuisine is a complete and powered solution for coffee shops and restaurants seeking website designs. It comprises of a modern structure that gives users total control over the theme layout, by allowing you to create you’re the way you want to. It combines a fully responsive theme that has amazing modern layouts and designs with several features. It has a WooCommerce, for the purposes of monetary transactions with customers in simple and secure steps. Various tabs are provided to the user’s disposal, such as recipe manager, cook manager, table reservation and event management.

Cuisine carries over 20 unique elements to choose from, with a built-in slider that enables easy customization of websites in an ultra-responsive manner. Dedicated support ensures that first-time users are guided throughout the development stages, with the help of free demo installations.

cuisine-wordpress-restaurant-themedemo download / more info


After the success of WordPress Theme’s Reca, which gained quite some online buzz from customers and restaurateurs, Nem was created to further natural and aesthetic marvel feel of corner-street diner. Its various features include:

  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Page Builder
  • Unyson backbone
  • 40+ unique elements
  • ACF supported
  • Easy to customize
  • Ultra-responsive
  • Free demos

restaurant wordpress theme nem demo download / more info


FlyCoffee was initially designed as a restaurant and bar WordPress theme that is basically responsive and Booststrap based. However, refurbishments made have expanded the themes functionality, enabling it to serve a wide range of interested parties, including; bars, bistros, cafes, fruit shops, flower shops, pizza huts and restaurants, which are looking for a well-designed website.

FlyCoffee is known for its simplicity and raw detail, with is key noted feature, the Drag-and-Drop Visual creator, which allows owners to generate pages for their websites, with custom sidebars and other several custom options that lets owners to also create awesome and flexible pages. The theme carries a suggestion and reviews’ option that gives customers the opportunity to send in their questions and comments.

flycoffee restaurant wordpress theme demo download / more info


Piquant offers six varied homepage designs that cafe owners can choose from. It also offers a great blogsite that enables cafes and restaurants to show off menu-change announcements and recipes. WordPress designed Piquant as a theme for café owners and restauranteurs who are concerned with client update and interaction.

It is a theme that is targeted on a black and white design, with its inspiration from diner blackboards that announce meal specials, which bears a well-thought, sophisticated, aesthetic experience. It offers options of placing reservation bookings, with additional CTA buttons on the homepage. Restauranteurs have the option of leading homepages with their new seasonal menus, with the option of condensing everything on a single page, which provides a streamlined appearance. For café owners and restauranteurs seeking a theme that has character and class, giving their customers constant updates and suggestions, Piquant is an excellent choice.

piquant restaurant bar cafe theme demo download / more info


Cafes and restaurants can choose this WordPress theme if they are looking for an incredibly refined and delightfully vibrant theme. It is a professional, visually pristine, graphical design that has been careful crafted. Thorough thought has been placed to, making the theme welcoming and engaging. The theme has been designed for easy use, using modern and flexible modules, well suited for upscale and elegant cafes and restaurants that cater to discerning audiences, demanding nothing short of high performance and quality. The theme features ample functionality that includes gorgeous galleries, beautiful menus, OpenTable reservation modules, and Parallax visual effects that create an immersive atmosphere. ROSA is equipped with attractive page templates and layouts that cover infinite imaginable needs that cafes and restaurants may encounter. It features numerous ample customization options, which guarantee that your ROSA café or restaurant is uniquely suited to the business’ identity.

Rosa WordPress restaurant themedemo download / more info


The Robusta provides its users with a manageable and fully configured restaurant theme that is packed with many interesting features. For café owners and restaurateurs looking for an exciting, yet sophisticated, website theme, Robusta offers a wide variety of options for cafes, restaurants and pubs.

The theme offers smart, robust, modern and amazingly customizable features that showcase a beautifully designed and multi-purpose display that, crafted to fit food outlets of any size. Robusta is the ideal theme for clients looking for websites that offer a clean and minimalistic approach. It guarantees a user-focused and versatile platform that easily provides all the vital functions and elements that successful restaurant websites possess.

robusta-restaurant-wordpress-themedemo download / more info


Majesty theme offers a wide range of functions that provide suitable and ready options for multipurpose food businesses, with dual options for specialists such as bakers and cuisine chefs, among others. The theme enables users to create food menus without selecting the WooCommerce option. Instead restauranteurs can use the Visual Composer plugin, which uses a predictive aid that helps users to easily create a display and food menu options that arranges orders, giving clients the option to select between thumbnails (just as in the demo). Plugins such as Events Manager, Team Member, Max Mega Menu, Woo Commerce and Contactform 7 are optional selections in this theme that work simultaneously to give it seamless accessibility.

majesty-restaurant-woocommerce-wordpress-themedemo download / more info


The Gusteau is a theme that describes both elegance and beauty, most suitable for eateries, cafes, restaurants and pubs, including other food business establishments. It is a carefully crafted theme that was inspired by a niche-focused nighttime dinner, filled with ambience. Gustaeu comes with premium plugins such as Slider Revolution, Advanced Custom Fields and Visual Composer. It is couple with a responsive and modern design that offers a variety of customizable options. The theme also includes a Woocommerce support plugin that adds up to its customizable options, making Gustaeu an attractive theme of choice.

gusteau-restaurant-wordpress-themedemo download / more info


Chilli - Event Coffee WordPress restaurant theme demo download / more info

Gourmet Cuisine

gourmet responsive cafe WordPress theme demo download / more info


Peppery - Restaurant Online WP Theme demo download / more info


Gulliver cafe and WordPress restaurant themedemo download / more info


Foodz - WordPress restaurant theme demo download / more info


pagganidemo download / more info


vicky - WordPress restaurant themedemo download / more info


resca - WordPress restaurant themedemo download / more info

WhiteHouse Cafe

WhiteHouse - Cafe and WordPress restaurant themedemo download / more info


lunchbox - WordPress restaurant themedemo download / more info

European Cuisine

European Cuisine WordPress Cafe Themedemo download / more info


buffalo - WordPress restaurant themedemo download / more info

European Restaurant

European WordPress restaurant themedemo download / more info

Grand Restaurant

grand - WordPress restaurant themedemo download / more info

Central Food

Central Food - Cafe and Restaurant Responsive WordPress Themedemo download / more info


elixir - WordPress restaurant themedemo download / more info

Yellow Spoon

Yellow Spoon Restaurant Management WordPress Themedemo download / more info


frattini - WordPress restaurant themedemo download / more info


Gourment - Cafe and WordPress restaurant themedemo download / more info


ambrosia - cafe wordpress themedemo download / more info


smartfood - cafe wordpress themedemo download / more info

Wine House

wine-housedemo download / more info


liesel - cafe wordpress themedemo download / more info

Bon Appetit

Bon-Premium-Restaurant-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Chicago-Restaurant-Cafe-wordpress-Themedemo download / more info

HG Restaurant

Restaurant-Responsive-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Restaurant-Online-Food-Ordering-wordpress-themedemo download / more info


Vienna-Responsive-WordPress-Restaurant-Themedemo download / more info


NUVo-Restaurant-Cafe-Bistro-Wordpress-Themedemo download / more info


BERG-Restaurant-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Amici-Delicious-Responsive-Restaurant-Cafe-Themedemo download / more info


Capella-Parallax-Cafe-and-Restaurant-Themedemo download / more info


Kataleya is not overbloated all purpose restaurant wordpress theme. We built it with restaurant, pizza and coffee shop owners in mind. A clean tasty design theme perfect for your business.

Kataleya-Restaurant-Pizza-Coffee-Wordpress-Themedemo download / more info


Munch-Restaurant-&-Business-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

The Flavour

The-Flavour-Restaurant-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Nosh-Restaurant-and-Bar-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Mocaccino-WordPress-Theme-For-Restaurantsdemo download / more info


Garnish-WordPress-Theme-for-Restaurantsdemo download / more info

Steak House

Steak-House-Food-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

Good Ol Wine

Good-Ol-Wine-Wine-Winery-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

Dining Restaurant

Dining-Restaurant-WordPress-Theme-Chefsdemo download / more info


Cooks-Restaurant-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

Food Truck

Food-Truck-Restaurant-10-Styles-WP-Themedemo download / more info


Barnelli-Restaurant-Responsive-Wordpress-Themedemo download / more info


Cooking-Responsive-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Espresso-WordPress-Theme-for-Restaurantsdemo download / more info

Quick Snack

Quick-Snack-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Restaurant-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Ecologically-Pure-Meat-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Medieval-Dinner-Theater-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

European Cafe

European-Cafe-and-Restaurant-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Meat-Fish-Restaurant-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Italian-Cuisine-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

Free Cafe and Restaurant Themes:


Free-responsive-Restaurant-WordPress-Themedownload / more info


Free-WordPress-Restaurant-Theme-Cozydemo download / more info


Free-Restaurant-café-WordPress-themedemo download / more info

Restaurant Lite

restaurant-litedownload / more info

Foodeez Lite

Foodeez-Lite-Free-restaurant-WordPress-themedownload / more info


Free-Restaurant-WordPress-Theme-VRYNdemo download / more info


Free-WordPress-Restaurant-Themedownload / more info


Free-Responsive-Restaurants-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Restaurante-Free-Foods-Restaurant-Wordpress-Themesdemo download / more info


Restaurateur is a free restaurant wordpress theme. The theme features custom post types for menu items so you can easily add a beautiful tabbed menu with your own categories and dishes (with prices), which will be featured in the home page slider. You can also customize the background imagery and welcome message on the home page, contact details, map location and social media icons. It’s a flexible and responsive theme which will look great on any device.

Restaurateur-Free-Restaurant-Coffee-Wordpress-Themesdemo download / more info


Greek Restaurant is a lightweight free bootstrap restaurant wordpress theme for cafe, restaurants, barbecues, pizzerias and more. It has custom menu, header and background.

Greek-free-Restaurant-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

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