Free CSS3 HTML5 Login Form Templates

50+ Free Beautiful CSS3 HTML5 Login Form Templates

In this article we’ll show you some creative css html5 login forms templates using modern design with CSS3 and HTML5. In fact, nowadays, popular web service, web application are allows or requires user subscription, which means that they will need some kind of forms for users to register and sign in on their website. To help you, so I tried to find beautiful some different login forms, some of which are inspired by design concepts on the web design.

I believe that css / hmtl login form templates web design should be clean and efficient. With in mind that the form design should have different style, the principals login form need including just three elements: a username, a password , and a submit input. Because the markup is so simple, it allows for more flexibility when we code it into HTML and CSS.

Login forms are abundant on the Internet. Most every website that allows for interactivity for users requires users to login. Every website that allows users to post comments, place orders, or create a user profile will require users to login. Creating a login page is difficult, and beyond most people’s coding capabilities. Luckily, you don’t have to build your own login page. There are numerous templates that allow users to place a login page on their website. They can be worked into your existing framework seamlessly for fast performance. Many require payment, but that’s not necessary as there are dozens of free login templates that are easy to integrate onto your webpage, work quickly and efficiently, and are optimized for your users’ ease of use.

These login templates use two primary kinds of programming language: HTML5 and CSS3. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, and CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. HTML is the basic language of building a website. HTML determines the structure of a website. It is the first step in building a webpage and describes the website. HTML contains the content of a website, however, it doesn’t not allow for much manipulation of the information. It simply presents the information you provide. HTML exists as a series of commands, called HTML tags. Each HTML tag describes one tiny bit of the website. All the HTML tags together create a website.

Login to Everdwell

Everdwell login is one of the most popular login forms being used on the web today. It is easy to see why. It is sleek and simple, as well as high-functioning. It is popular for business, especially real estate. It is simple to use, and allows for maximum customization of your entire webpage, including your login page. It allows users to login using their social media accounts.

Login-to-Everdwell download / more info

Login and Signup Form HTML5 CSS3

Flat design is the newest trend in web design. When the technology was developed that allowed for fancy animations and illustrations, it became very popular to show off skills with those sorts of features. However, these days, flat design is the new fad. It features crisp, clean lines, and sleek simplicity. There is a Flat Login WordPress plugin that changes your animated WordPress login to a classy flat design. It allows for your website’s login page to be as cutting edge as your content.

login and signup form html5 css3demo download

Material Login Form

Material is a design style created by Google. It is the newest trend that is beginning to take over the internet world, and is beginning to challenge the popularity of flat design. It is meant to mimic the way material moves in the real world. It is inspired by forces like gravity and friction to create fluid movements through animations that are simple and sleek for a beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing result. Your users are sure to be impressed by the gorgeous design, inspired by the nature around us. The sign up option is large and easy to find, and the design is a feminine pink.

material css3 login formdemo download

Animated CSS3 Login Form

An animated login will be the opposite of flat’s simplicity. With flashy moving pictures, such as a key fitting into a lock and turning, or a ball bouncing across the screen, or even pop-up messages telling your users to login, animated logins are bound to impress your users with their big movements. This one shows a pop-up window featuring a check mark and a welcoming message upon login. It is animated, but simple and friendly.

animated css3 login formdemo download

Login Form with Facebook

This is a very popular option with users. This allows users to utilize their Facebook account to login to a different website. It is great for your users because they don’t have to remember another username and password. Facebook is potentially the most popular social media platform on the internet, and so many sites link their login to it.

Login-Form-with-Facebookdownload / more info

Unfolding Login Form

This unfolding login form is a type of animated form. It is fun because users don’t expect it. The window pops up with a space for the username. Once the username has been inserted, the bottom of the window unfolds forward into 3D space to reveal the space for the user’s password. This login form is a really fun way of integrating the class of flat design, with the impressive aspects of animation.

Unfolding-Login-Formdownload / more info

Elegant Login Form

This elegant design features a simple login sheet imposed onto a background of moustaches, bicycles, bowties, and plants. It places speed ahead of fancy animations, which fast new machines don’t struggle with, but can pose major problems for older computers, or in places where the internet connection is slow. It offers the beauty of CSS3 without clogging up users’ bandwidth with animations.

Elegant-Login-Formdownload / more info

Entrar Shadow Flat Log in

The Entrar login design is a light, sunny design that is sure to put a smile on your users’ faces. It offers a simple white login box on a simple, bright yellow background. The login box casts a long shadow in an even brighter yellow on the background of the page. The login button darkens slightly when the mouse is hovered over it.

Entrar-Shadow-Flat-Login-Form-Templatedemo download / more info

Social Login Buttons

This is just like Facebook login, but it allows you to give your users the option of logging in with any of their favorite social media accounts. For business websites, users may prefer LinkedIn, while a hobby or craft forum might be the perfect place to allow users to login with their Pinterest accounts. You can even give your users the choice of several different social media accounts to use to login. There is a WordPress Plugin that allows for this and gives you the option of choosing from many social media platforms.

Social-Login-Buttonsdownload / more info

Classic CSS3 Login Form

Much like the elegant design, the Classic CSSR3 login page does away with animations and allows your webpage to focus only on logging your users in—a feature users with slow computers will definitely appreciate. With a simple black design, the login is elegant and crisp. The login button is bright red against the black background to the left of the text boxes, so users won’t have to spend time looking for it, and can login quickly, do their business, and get on with their lives. They will appreciate this login’s efficiency.

Classic-CSS3-Login-Formdownload / more info

Clean login form

This clean login form is simple, but not too much. It has a simple font atop a transparent grey background. The login button is a cheery green below the text boxes, making it easy to see. The text sticks out with a slight shadow behind it, offering just the right amount of pizzazz to the design, without getting caught up in animations that slow down the site’s speed.

Clean-login-formdownload / more info

CSS3 HTML5 login panel

This is probably the simplest of all the designs on this list. With only HTML, it is certain to work on even the most ancient computer. With no bells and whistles, it offers a fast, efficient login. The green button is striking on a cool grey background that is certain to be unimposing to the eyes. This is a great login option for those who may feel intimidated by the fancy CSS code and animations that are offered by some of the other logins. It is perfect for a site that is going to be used commonly by those on public computers, which can be incredibly slow, or in areas with limited internet access.

CSS3-HTML5-login-paneldownload / more info

Log in Form Connect Facebook

This login offers a young vibe, with bright color imposed on a black background. The orange circle on the right with the arrow switches colors when you hover the mouse on it, offering the tiniest bit of animation. It is visually striking, offering your users’ enough animation to entertain their eyes, without requiring so much from their computers as to slow them down.

Log-in-Form-Connect-with-Facebookdemo more info

Login Popup Form

This is a pleasant login window. It pops up when the user hovers over the login icon, and stays out of the way when it is not wanted. It allows users to login without having the navigate away from their page. The “Forgot password?” option is large and easily located, which is perfect for sites where users may not login often. It is simple and easy to use, so no one ill get frustrated with the logging in process.

Login-Popup-Flat-Form-Templatedemo download / more info

CSS3 Login Form

CSS3-Login-Formdemo more info

Purple Login Form

This login is easy on the eyes. It fades in and out smoothly, and the purple is stunning. It boasts a sleek design with large icons and smooth workability. As with the Login Popup, the “Forgot Password?” option is large and simple to use, with no frills getting in the way of accessibility to the website. It is functional and gorgeous. It is an excellent choice for any website.

Purple-Login-Form-Templatedemo download / more info

Facebook login form

This form allows your users to login with Facebook, without any tacky Facebook logos. It utilizes the blue we have learned to associate with Facebook, so users don’t get confused, but avoids an outright Facebook endorsement. It is simple and clear with all options easily accessible. The traffic light in the upper right corner offer a nice touch to spruce up the design without too much distracting from the ultimate purpose of the page.

Facebook-login-formdownload / more info

Dark Login Form

Calm and business-like, this Dark login form allows for quick, simple access to your website, and is perfect for a business site. Its landscape design is visually pleasing, and the blue arrow button sticks out from the dark background without clashing. It also highlights the place to click if a user has forgotten their password, but it isn’t overly display in a tacky way. It is easy to see, but not too in your face.

Dark Login Formdemo download

Login Form Flat Animated

This login brings together two worlds of web design in a visually stunning manner. It combines the sleek lines of flat design, while still offer impressive animations that are classy. The background of the website blurs, allowing users to focus on the login screen without losing their background work. The touch of animation brings just enough fancy web design to capture users’ interest without overwhelming or distracting them.

Login-Form-Flat-Animated-Templatedemo download / more info

Web App Login

This login form is clean and simple. With its crisp white background and simple shadowing on the background, it offers a tiny bit of style while keeping business in mind. The “Remember me on this computer” is something that your users are sure to appreciate. They have way too many usernames and passwords, and it is one fewer thing for them to remember.

A clean and simple login formdemo download

Login Form Alert Interface

This is a super handy login form that does far more than simply login your users. It saves form responses, creates alerts, and acts as a widget for your webpage. It has fun, different-colored pop-up windows for different messages—red for wrong login credentials, and green for a successful login. It makes things so much easier for your users.

Login Form Alert Interface in PSD and CSSdownload / more info

Golden Login Form Template

This login is gorgeous, with a black background set off with a simple striped pattern. All the options are quickly visible to the user, and hovering changes the color of buttons. The “Sign In” box turns gold when it’s hovered, as does the “Forgot Password?” text. It has a professional feel, while the gold offsets the sleek feel with a bright tone. It is excellent for lighthearted business ventures.

Golden-Login-Form-Templatedemo download / more info

Nice CSS3 Login Form

This login is fun, designed to resemble a badge. However, it maintains simple functionality with its playful character. It fun for the users, while still doing the job it is meant to do quickly and efficiently. The name badge is a great idea, as our logins are just our online names at websites, anyway. Your users are sure to love the symbolism.

Nice CSS3 Login Formdownload / more info

Elegant Login Form

This form jumps from the background into your face, which is sure to catch your users’ attention. It maintains a simple interface, and the “Keep my logged in” feature is a nice touch, and essential for certain types of websites. It is exciting with a hint of animation, but incredibly basic in design. It is a lovely login, sure to work for any website.

Elegant Login Formdemo download

Vibrant Login

This login page substitutes bright color for fancy animation, and it works well. It is eye-catching without over the top, tacky animations. Users will certainly love the “Remember my password” option, especially for casual sites where users may just be posting in forums, and won’t be sharing their credit card information. The vibrant colors are sure to put your users in a great mood, and they are sure to love your website even more.

Vibrant Login Interface CSS PSDdemo download / more info

Admin Login Page

Simple Admin Theme: Login Pagedemo download

Login Form with HTML5

This login has everything you could want out of a login page. It prominently features options for signing up, as well as retrieving forgotten passwords. It is absolutely stunning, with a classy font and sleek stylings. It shies away from fancy animations, but still manages to be pleasing to the eye, with obvious attention to detail. This is a gorgeous example of what a login page should look like.

Login Form with HTML5demo download / more info

Apple Dev Login

Apple Dev Logindemo Download (29247) download / more info

Minimal style login form

Minimal style login formdemo Download (11219) more info

Login Form with CSS 3D Transforms

Login Form with CSS 3D Transformsdemo download

Custom Login Form Styling

Custom Login Form Stylingdemo download

Animated Form with jQuery

Animated Form Switching with jQuerydemo download

Login Form with HTML5

Login and Registration Form with HTML5demo download

Login Form With Error Handling

Login & Register Form With Error Handlingdemo download / more info

Login Form CSS3/jQuery

Login Form HTML/CSS3/jQuerydemo download download / more info

Form Login dengan PHP, Jquery

Form Login dengan PHP, Jquerydemo download

Login form using HTML5 and CSS3

Login form using HTML5 and CSS3demo Download (28535)

Animated Login Form with jQuery

Animated Login Form with jQuery & CSS3demo download / more info

Stylish Animated Login

Stylish Animated Login and Signup Form with JQuery and CSS3demo download / more info

Animation Login Form

Animation Login Formdownload / more info

Apple-like Login Form

Apple-like Login Form with CSS 3D Transformsdemo download / more info

Flat Forms Pack

Flat Forms Packdownload / more info


Zi-4-Formsdownload / more info

Login Modal Forms

Login & Sign Up Modal Formsdownload / more info

Moon Forms

Moon Forms - Login & Registration CSS Formsdownload / more info

Day/Night Login Page

Day/Night Login Pagedownload / more info

CSS3 PopUp LogIn forms

CSS3 PopUp LogIn and SignUp formsdownload / more info

Pure CSS3 Forms Set

Pure CSS3 Forms Setdownload / more info

Usable CSS Login & Register Form

Usable CSS Login & Register Formdownload / more info

Login Form

Login-Formdemo more info

Simple & Flat Login Form

Simple & Flat Login Formdemo more info

Remake of the first Login Form

Remake of the first Login Formdemo more info

Smooth Negative Margin Login Form

Smooth Negative Margin Login Formdemo more info

Flat UI Login Form

Flat UI Login Formdemo more info

Simple signup form v2

Simple signup form v2demo more info

Login/Register form with pass metter

Login/Register form with pass metterdemo more info


Depicto-Login-Registration-Form-Packdemo more info

Social Media Login Page

Social-Media-Login-Pagedemo download / more info

Flat Login Box Form

flat login box form responsive templatedemo download / more info

Flat Business Profile Login

flat business profile login form templatedemo download / more info

CSS builds on top of the basics of HTML to make your website look pretty. The CSS language of a website controls things like layout, color, and font. It separates a website’s content from the way the website is presented. Manipulating the CSS for a webpage allows the information to be presented in different formats for different devices, such as voice, print, or even Braille. CSS is what allows websites to display differently on different devices, such a tablets and phones. CSS also gives us access to any website on any web browser. Without CSS, we would need to use different browsers for every website, and we wouldn’t be able to have the handy mobile pages on our favorite websites.

A perfect login page should be clean and simple, with slick lines and smooth functionality, so your users can login quickly and continue with their day. Depending on your site, you may choose to have slight animations to catch the eyes, but anything too fancy can slow down systems, and anything too complicated will frustrate users. I have created a list of some of the best free login template available today. All the login templates compiled in this list utilize both HTML and CSS to allow the login to display and work properly on any device or in any web browser. Many allow for users to login using their existing social media account, a feature your users will appreciate, as they certainly have too many usernames and passwords to remember as it is. Most give users to option to remember their login and password details, so users don’t have to. The logins include a variety of different styles and layouts, some of which are customizable. All of these login templates can easily be integrated into any webpage you may be building, including WordPress. The HTML and CSS codes work with your existing web language, so they become a part of your webpage, and your users will not have to navigate to another page to login, and can instead stay on their current page, and log in on top of the work they’re already doing. However, if you want a separate login page, that is available as well. There is a huge amount of variety in the way you can make your website look, and there is no reason you should settle for a website that does not look the way you want to. By choosing one of the options below, you can have your users login quickly and seamlessly, pleasing your users, and ultimately increasing your site’s traffic.

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