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90+ Best Bootstrap Admin Templates Free & Premium

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Below is the list of free, responsive, bootstrap admin templates, it may simple and might not be good for everyone. If you need for more advanced features, nice interface and more options, you can find out the premium admin templates!

A large number of online applications have a well-designed admin dashboard to control the back end features of the application. Since admin dashboards were made to observe and track back-end operations, not much impetus was placed on their design. However, in this time and age when design has become crucial and cardinal, admin templates are the easiest way to quirk up your dashboard.

Bootstrap admin templates are built using Bootstrap’s framework. The biggest advantage of Bootstrap is that not only is it very fast, it can also be customized to suit any purpose. Bootstrap dashboard Templates owe their popularity to this very feature. Admin templates are of two types: paid and free. While all premium templates offer certain extra features, the fact is most free templates put out the basic features any developer would need. So, why waste your money when you can get your work done for so much less!

There are many different templates that can be used for varying purposes. To start with, one of the popular free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template is Dark Admin. All templates are organized into many pages and layouts and can be used to present sales data and reports in an organized format.  The Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template is good for both commercial and personal purposes. Its responsive dashboard is easy to understand and is equipped with most of the features that a developer needs.

Material Dashboard Angular2

Dashboard Material Angular 2 is a free Bootstrap hardware manager with a new design, inspired by Google’s material design. We are very excited to introduce our concept on materials through an easy to use and very beautiful set of components. Dashboard material was built on the popular Bootstrap framework and it comes with a couple of third-party plugins redesigned to fit with the rest of the elements.

material dashboard angular2 free bootstrap admin templatedownload / more info demo


Miminium is a fully responsive admin panel template. It based on the Bootstrap 3 framework. Modern design and complete animation. MIMINIUM is an open source project of isna nur azis under MIT license. Feel free to use.

download / more info demo

Paper Dashboard

If you are a developer or a website owner who needs to work in a dashboard and want to have a nice view while doing so, Paper Dashboard is for you. Paper Dashboard is a Bootstrap Admin Panel template that combines soft colors with beautiful typography and spacious maps and graphics. It is a powerful tool, but it is lightweight and easy to use. It has enough functionality to allow you to do the job but it is not crowded to the point where you can not find the files for a specific plugin.

download / more info demo

Bootstrap 4 Dashboard

Bootstrap 4 Admin is the fastest way to create a modern administration site or dashboard for any browser or device. Bootstrap 4 Admin Template is constantly being developed and maintained by our team. The proof of this is the fact that we release minimum 2 updates per month.

The template is always optimized to be loaded faster and provide a better user experience, as we want to help you create profitable and salable businesses. Our templates are designed by designers and coded by developers, so they offer great design and high quality of clean code.

demo download

Flat v3 Admin

Flat v3 Admin is a free flat design bootstrap admin templates, completely free bootstrap administrators templates with Bootstrap 3, Responsive admin templates for all devices, AngularJS and Static HTML Version, many UI Kits with Bootstrap, Bootstrap Elements, Price chart, Chartist , Map design, steps, form, Datatable, connect, build with ES6 and SASS, easy thematic.

download / more info demo

Light Bootstrap Dashboard

Light Bootstrap Dashboard is an administrator dashboard template designed to be beautiful and simple. It is built on top of Bootstrap 3 and it is fully responsive. It comes with a large collection of items that offer you multiple possibilities to create the application that best suits your needs. It can be used to create management panels, project management systems, web backend, CMS, or CRM applications.

light bootstrap dashboard free bootstrap admin templatedownload / more info demo


Color is the name of an administration template built with fascinating looks and robust functionality using the Bootstrap framework to meet your business needs. COLORED – add COLOR to your business! A category of Bootstrap Flat Board Responsive website template built with fascinating appearance and robust functionality to meet your business needs. COLORED can be used for various business purposes, such as Admin panels, Dashboards, Project Management Systems, CMS, CRM and more. This is an abundantly presented choicest administration template built on top of Bootstrap Framework, using modern HTML5, CSS3 web technologies and powered with jQuery.

download / more info demo


SHOPPY is a Web based admin template built on HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap. This dynamic and versatile administration template surely makes the top-of-list in its category with cleverly coded and visually stunning nature, and it has a plethora of elements embedded evenly and in fact a stand-out choice. The transformable navigation bar recovers beauty and the header has items that are practical.

download / more info demo

Ultra Modern

Ultra modern template is clean / business design administration panel comes with tons of well designed features and is a stylish board template, easy to use and integrate, cleanly encoded, beautifully styled, responsive design and Fixed with unique widgets, properly coded. This is a fully featured premium administration template built above impressive Bootstrap, modern web technologies HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. This template includes beautiful dashboards with many ready-to-use components.

download / more info demo


CoreUI is a Open Source free bootstrap admin dashboard template. CoreUI is not only an admin dashboard template. It goes well beyond the template so far of manage through a transparent code and file structure. And if that is not enough, we’ll just add the CoreUI consists bunch of unique features and over 1000 high quality icons.

coreui free bootstrap admin templatedownload / more info demo


POOLED is a clean, flat, elegant design and free admin templates based on the Bootstrap system and powered by jQuery. It is a Cross-navigation responsive admin dashboard template supporting all new browsers compatible with desktop and mobile devices. Pooled admin panel has many interesting features that are necessary for the development of your projects, suitable for all applications ranging from business management, material management, online store, music store and more.

pooled free admin bootstrap templatedownload / more info demo


Lumino is a new clean free Admin template build with bootstrap framework and available on Medialoot. This fully responsive HTML5 admin dashboard template includes everything you need for your backend administration panel. Lumino have many features such table presenting page edge, different widgets, responsive graphics, advanced data tables, forms, user interface elements and connection sample page.

Lumino Free Admin Templatedemo download / more info


Kadmin – is a lightweight responsive and free admin theme built with latest bootstrap 3.1 and contains many user interface components, light and dark theme skin.

Kadmin can be used for any type of web applications: administrative dashboards, eCommerce backends, custom admin panels, CRM, CMS, SAAS and websites: eCommerce, business, corporate, portfolio, blog. Kadmin has a huge collection of components and user interface plugins and works seamlessly on phones, tablets, all major web browsers.

kadmin-free-responsive-admin-dashboard-templatedemo download / more info


Baxter is a flat design concept dashboard panel and free admin template. Baxster admin panel is a general clean look bold Administrative Templates Bootstrap template for the job status contains a lot of web application user interface elements and widgets. It is completely bootstrapped + 3 framework, response management built in HTML5 and CSS3, Media query, a dashboard template.

baxster free admin panel flat bootstrap templatedemo download / more info

Easy Admin Panel

Easy admin panel is a flat design concept and free admin templates. It is plain bold look, minimal look clean, flat Bootstrap template for the job status contains a lot of web application user interface elements and widgets. It is completely bootstrapped + 3 framework, response management built in HTML5 and CSS3, Media query, a dashboard template.

The panels are easy to manage the collection and integration of the latest jQuery plug-ins and massive reusable UI components. It can be used in the custom admin panel, project management of all types of systems, management dashboard, application backend, CMS, such as Web applications.

Easy Admin Paneldemo download / more info


The minimum is a flat admin panel design dashboard concept and free admin template. Minimum application and web widget admin panel includes many user interface elements Bold General Administrative Templates bootstrap clean look template for the job status. It is completely bootstrapped + 3 framework, response management built in HTML5 and CSS3, Media query, a dashboard template.

minimal-admin-panel-flat-bootstrap-templatedemo download / more info


AdminLTE  is a clean control panel and free admin templates completely response based on the Bootstrap 3 framework. Highly customizable and easy to use. From small mobile devices to big desktop suitable for different screen resolutions. Both JS, LESS, HTML files carefully AdminLTE Eun is coded to clearly commented.

AdminLTE – a fully responsive responsive admin templatedemo download / more info


novus free admin panel bootstrap templatedemo download / more info


JANUX Twitter Bootstrap 3.1 framework and power admin dashboard template. Custom admin panel, management dashboards, e-commerce backend, CMS, CRM, SAAS and websites: business, e-commerce JANUX can use any type of web application. Corporate, portfolio, blog. We put JANUX useful tool. We are warily released dozens of new features and tactile sustainable long-term update will be soon in a future release. JANUX has collection usefulplugins and UI components and all major browsers, tablets and mobile phones.

JANUX your next project look awesome, yet user-friendly, stylish and clean and intuitive metro and flat-balanced design. Stay tuned to endless amazing updates JANUX continue to enjoy using! Key features stylish dashboard UI elements useful widgets mailbox elements widget counters from multiple chart types Effect button and Typography Tabs and Accordions Tooltips and Popovers Navbars breadcrumb badges and labels Progress Bar auxiliary Blockquotes alert Pagination received file upload Editors Data Tables response table portlets and fade chat login form calendar reminder invoice font glyph icon & top.

JANUX - Free Responsive Admin Dashboard Templatedemo download / more info

SB Admin 2

SB 2 is a starter on the dashboard template or web applications. A variety of topics are users of jQuery plug-in to add extended functionality of the past, built Bootstrap features.

SB Admin 2 - free bootstrap admin themedemo download / more info

Joli Angular JS Admin

Joli is a dashboard,  web application and free admin template, depending on the angle JS. It is very easy to compatible devices such as smart phones and tablets to customize based on your responses using well.It bootstrap template admin and various needs.

Free Responsive Bootstrap Joli Angular JS admin templatedemo download / more info


Matrix  is a responsive admin template that use powerful Bootstrap V3.1.1, it aslo provided by the amazing charts and graphs based on jQuery and HTML5. Bootstrap admin dashboard template is completely flexible in all browsers and supports user-friendly and it seems clear response on all devices. Matrix Management template is designed based on the latest design standards and can meet the requirements of all kinds of useful plug-ins. The definition of this template is very simple management and high quality of HTML code and inline comments

Matrix bootstrap responsive admin templatedemo download / more info

Dark Admin

Dark Admin - Free Admin bootstrap themedemo download / more info

Nice Admin

Based on Bootstrap, which focuses on the powerful and free clean Admin Template and UX provides intuitive design. it was designed to work seamlessly on tablets and mobile phones. It includes an advanced sample of the validation form, chart and maps.

Nice Admin - Free Admin Bootstrap Theme demo download / more info


director responsive admin template download / more info


SIMINTA is a free responsive admin panel template using Twitter Bootstrap framework for managers and back-end applications. It’s user-friendly and easy to customize. SIMINTA bootstrap admin panel template tasks easily comes with a powerful plugins and UI components. All code is written in the pages / files will be offered everything with them, and customize the template description comments therefore comfort themselves. You can download and enjoy saving time. It’s 100% free to use for personal and commercial project.

SIMINTA - Free Bootstrap admin templatedemo download / more info

SB Admin

SB admin will be used to bootstrap 3, it is free template for admin panel and open source, for any purpose. Personal or commercial.

SB Admin - responsive admin template for Bootstrap 3demo download / more info

Binary Admin

Binary Admin - FREE BOOTSTRAP admin templatedemo download / more info


Edmin is a new admin dashboard Template with jQuery plugin that perfect for the project. It provides an easy to use layout complete response that is compatible with portable devices such as modern and flat user interface design tablets and mobile phones.

Edmin - New Free Bootstrap admin templatedemo download / more info

Design Bootstrap

Bootstrap design is a admin dashboard template for managing all of the features available response management dashboard templates you need. This can be used in private and commercial use.

Design Bootstrap - responsive admin templatedemo download / more info


Dream is a free template admin using HTML5 CSS3 very useful jQuery Bootstrap 3 framework with plug-ins to make this template to build stunning modern Bootstrap admin panel Dashboard, a web-purpose theme app. This theme is fully compatible with responsive web browser and multi-device.

Dream Admin - bootstrap admin template free downloaddemo download / more info


DashGum is a Simple & Elegant Free Admin dashboard Template. It built with a 16-page panel to start as soon as possible. DashGum If you have a lot of charts, tables, panels, calendar, to-do lists and reminders that can do more. Holding our free theme and enjoy it.

DashGum - simple & elegant admin paneldownload / more info

Zontal Admin

Zontal  is a free admin panel template with horizontal layout. You can use a personal or commercial use.

Zontal admin template - free admin dashboard templatedemo download / more info


The dashboard is a free responsive admin panel template, forms, tables, charts, graphs, and maps.

Dashboard responsive admin templatedemo download / more info


Charisma is a full-featured, based on Twitter Bootstrap, responsiveness admin dashboard template, it comes with different themes and 9 that fits your style and type of application.

Charisma - fully featured responsive admin templatedemo download / more info


TemplateVamp is a power and flexibility of HTML5 and CSS3 admin dashboard template and user-defined functions. It can be used as the front-end kit for developing a web application that is light fast, fast, mobile device; A good starting point.

TemplateVamp - customization responsive admin templatedemo download / more info


Metis is a admin panel template that it is usefulness and prospects of complete responses and flat design template. Metis is easy to code with the user and developer friendly manner. It’s completely Bootstrap 3+ Framework, HTML5 and CSS3, built-response management dashboard admin dashboard template with jQuery.

Metis Twitter Bootstrap admin template Freedownload / more info

Premium Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates:

Volta – Futuristic Web Application

Volta is a futuristic web application and an administrative dashboard built with Bootstrap 4, Stylus and CoffeeScript. Volta is built using the latest and most popular web development languages and techniques, offering a perfect pixel design and hassle-free functionality. Volta extends the capabilities of Bootstrap 4, written in HTML5, Stylus and CoffeeScript.

volta futuristic web application admin templatedownload / more info demo

Robust – Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin

Robust admin is super flexible, powerful, clean and modern responsive bootstrap 4 admin template with unlimited possibilities. It includes 7 pre-built templates with an organized folder structure, clean and commented code, 2500+ pages, 1000+ components, 500+ diagrams, 100+ advanced maps (widgets), 100 plugins – extensions and many more. Rugged administration provides internationalization, RTL support, searchable browsing, unique menu layouts, advance cards and incredible support.

Robust admin can be used for any type of web applications: Project management, eCommerce backends, CRM, Analytics, Fitness or any customized administration panel. It comes with 5 dashboard niche. The robust admin template is powered by HTML 5, SASS, GRUNT, JADE [Pug] and Twitter Bootstrap 4, which closely resembles desktops, tablets and mobile devices. The robust administrator comes with starter kit that will help developers get started quickly.

robust responsive bootstrap 4 admin templatedownload / more info demo

Fury – Angular 2 Material Design Admin

Fury is a creative design template built with Angular 2 and the Angular-CLI. It extends the material design components built by the Angular 2 team and it offers you everything you need to get started with your next CRM, CMS or dashboard project.

AngularJS2 / Angular 2 / Angular 4 is the ideal framework for building large enterprise applications and allows modular configuration of components. Components can be added and deleted simply by removing the corresponding folder, because everything that is added is always component specific and modular.

fury angular material design admin template download / more info demo

Able pro Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin

Able pro is a fully responsive admin dashboard template crafed by Phoenixcoded in Bootstrap4 framework with material look and feel.

able pro responsive bootstrap 4 admin template download / more info demo

Lokra – Angular 2 Admin

Lokra UI Starter Kit is a pure hardware design admin template based on Angular 2, Material 2, Bootstrap 4, using Angular CLI (Webpack) to pack and manage, which means it is ready for Mobile, desktop and web, develop multiple platforms at once. You can use this starter kit to create amazing jobs for your CRM, CMS, ERP, hybrid mobile applications, desktop application! All contain beautiful design Material.

lokra angular 2 admin templatedownload / more info demo

Primer – Angular 2 Material Design Admin

Primer is a creative design design template built with Angular 2. It comes out of the box with AoT and lazy loading support, language translation, RTL support and light and dark colors. With this, you get everything you need to start working on your SAAS, CRM, CMS or dashboard-based project.

primer angular 2 material design admin template download / more info demo


METRONIC admin dashboard templates Bootstrap 3.3.5 and 1.3 and AngularJS framework. Custom admin panel, management dashboards, e-commerce backend, CMS, CRM, SaaS is: METRONIC can be used with all types of web applications. METRONIC and your next project look awesome, yet user-friendly and offers stylish, clean and intuitive metro and flat-balanced design.

Metronic admin Bootstrap template 3.3.5demo download / more info


Ubold awesome premium full-featured admin dashboard template built on Bootstrap , the latest web technologies HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. It has a lot of ready to use components made by hand. Topic is fully responsive and easy to customize. This code is very easy to understand and gives strength to all developers to set up the actual web application this theme.

ubolddemo download / more info


Flatkit Admin App UI Kit demo download / more info


Limitless- the new moder admin dashboard template based Bootstrap framework. Limitless is the most powerful and very flexible tool for all kind of web applications. Notes 1 and 3 alternative layouts including, 1000 HTML pages, and other features and options, 1000 components, such as starter kit includes comments with more than 100 plug-ins and extensions – a blank page set will make the developer’s life much easier. Limitless admn template is fully visible reaction means fully mobile and tablet.

Infinity app kit is based on the fully 100 + includes a small file comments. Each file corresponds to a single component, layout, pages, plug-ins or extensions – you can easily find the necessary code to edit according to your needs. This package includes both normal and reduced compile the CSS file in LESS.

Limitless - Responsive Web Application Kit demo download / more info


Fuse - AngularJS Material Design admin template demo download / more info


Quirk Bootstrap admin template demo download / more info


Altair HTML5 Material Design templatedemo download / more info


angulr Admin web application templatedemo download / more info


Remark is a flat dashboard admin dashboard template based on Bootstrap. This powerful giant to modify components, you can easily build a little CSS. It is the latest collection of our library, high reliability, and its component covers the best practices of web and mobile. It can easily help you create solutions, integrated in your project to quickly design your future.

Remark premium admin dashboard template

demo download / more info


OneUI is super flexible admin template UI framework based on Bootstrap able to build a front-end page layout using the same fast and powerful backend. Saving you time and creates a lightweight as possible. Many unique features fully modular, helping you to build your next great product.

OneUI are included in the flat response admin dashboard templates and material effects elements. A bunch (third-party components) of a template function is included based on the Twitter Bootstrap. This allows the user to be used for the back-end administrator from the log to complete the page.

OneUI admin template based on Bootstrapdemo download / more info


Piluku Flat Responsive Admin Dashboarddemo download / more info


Materialize Material Design admin template demo download / more info


The Urban is a premium bootstrap 3 admin dashboard template application management. It is packing a host of other layout, pre-built skins (sidebar and header), AngularJS and the HTML version, Grunt and Bower processes and to build a myriad of other options. The Urban offers you need to start building a project based on the following web applications, CRM, CMS, management, or dashboard.

Urban premium bootstrap application admin templatedemo download / more info


Materialism, if you are looking for the perfect combination of plugins and modules, no more admin dashboard template to look away Bootstrap 3 and angle JS-based. We classified the vast amount of plug-ins there, and we picked the best person for the good article but successful APP.

Materialism admin template based on Angular JSdemo download / more info


Materia admin template app built on bootstrap 3.3demo download / more info


Modern UI framework is built Premium Web Application admin dashboard on the Twitter Bootstrap framework 3.3.4. It’s clear most of the features for the type of back-end applications and built with well-designed theme.

The Modern UI Application Admin Dashboarddemo download / more info


Material design admin dashboard templatedemo download / more info

Ultra Admin

Ultra premium admin template UIdemo download / more info


Blueprint admin template for kick-starting any appdemo download / more info


Kode Responsive admin template based on Bootstrap 3demo download / more info


SlickLab Admin Dashboard Templatedemo download / more info

Responsive Material Design Admindemo download / more info

Learning App

Learning app is inspired by the material design guidelines for the built-in premium LMS Admin dashboard Templates bootstrap. It provides a complete user interface for all ranging from students, teachers, curriculum, and includes all the features needed for any learning management applications and Web sites, including a number of comments on the admin panel.

Learning-App-admindemo download / more info


Material-Design-Admin-Template-Landingdemo download / more info

Material Admin

Bootstrap-Admin-HTML5-Appdemo download / more info


Con-Material-Admin-Dashboard-Templatedemo download / more info


Make-Admin-Templatedemo download / more info


Design-Responsive-Admin-Paneldemo download / more info


Bootstrap-Admin-Template-with-AngularJSdemo download / more info


Angular-Admin-Dashboarddemo download / more info

The AdminDesigns

AdminDesigns UI framework is more than your typical management admin dashboard. Built on Bootstrap 3 includes the tools you need to succeed in your next project web apps. This theme is a platform that will be applied to updates. Quickly, gently turning into all-encompassing suitable of developer tools.

Responsive-Admin-UI-Frameworkdemo download / more info


Pages-Responsive-Admin-Dashboard-Templatedemo download / more info


eKoders-Admin-Template-Frontenddemo download / more info


Atlant-Bootstrap-Admin-Templatedemo download / more info


Coco-Responsive-Bootstrap-Admin-Templatedemo download / more info


Xenon-Bootstrap-Admin-Theme-with-AngularJSdemo download / more info


Yukon-Clean-Hi-Res-Admin-Templatedemo download / more info


Sublime-Web-Application-Admin-Dashboarddemo download / more info


AppUI is powered by the popular Bootstrap 3.2 framework, a complete response and managing Web applications and a full featured admin templates. It is built as a web developer in mind and focused on modern design, fast User Interface and focus on providing a great user experience with many cool features.

AppUI-Bootstrap-Admin-Web-App-Templatedemo download / more info


Chain-Responsive-Bootstrap-3-Admin-Templatedemo download / more info


Porto-Admin-Responsive-HTML5-Templatedemo download / more info


Forza-Full-featured-Admin-App-with-AngularJSdemo download / more info


Rapido-Responsive-Admin-Dashboard-Themedemo download / more info


Rainbow-Responsive-Admin-App-with-AngularJSdemo download / more info


mAdmin-Responsive-Multi-Style-Admin-Templatedemo download / more info


Boostbox-Responsive-Admin-Dashboard-Templatedemo download / more info


Target-Responsive-Bootstrap-3-Admin-Templatedemo download / more info

Super Flexible

Super-Flexible-Multipurpose-Admin-Templatedemo download / more info


Sentir-Responsive-Admin-and-Dashboard-UI-Kitsdemo download / more info


Pixit-Admin-Frontend-Templatedemo download / more info


Square-Responsive-Admin-App-with-AngularJSdemo download / more info


AdminEx-Bootstrap-3-Responsive-Admin-Templatedemo download / more info


Scale-Web-Application-Admin-Templatedemo download / more info


Simplicity-Responsive-Massive-Admin-Packdemo download / more info


ProUI-Responsive-Admin-Dashboard-Templatedemo download / more info


Bucket-Admin-Bootstrap-3-Responsive-Flat-Dashboarddemo download / more info


Caplet Admin Responsive HTML Themedemo download / more info


Neon-Bootstrap-Admin-Themedemo download / more info


Webarch - Responsive Admin Dashboard Templatedemo download / more info


Potential admin theme, or next to the Web application, is a beautifully coded fully featured admin panel theme ready to be implemented in the back end of your application! Subject light and the reaction is driven by the latest Bootstrap 3 framework. It is not to interfere in favor of the material is a UX-friendly clean and intuitive design.

Avant - Clean and Responsive Bootstrap 3 Admin demo download / more info


FlatLab - Bootstrap 3 Responsive admin templatedemo download / more info


Clip-One-Bootstrap-3-Responsive-Admin-Templatedemo download / more info


Mars - Responsive Admin Bootstrap 3 Templatedemo download / more info


Melon – Flat & Responsive admin templatedemo download / more info


todo - Web Application and admin templatedemo download / more info


Se7en - Web & Mobile Application Templatedemo download / more info


AvocadoPaneldemo download / more info

Metro Lab

Metro Lab - Responsive Metro Dashboard Templatedemo download / more info


FLATY - Premium Responsive admin templatedemo download / more info


Supr responsive admin templatedemo download / more info

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