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60 Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2016

We hope that our list of free responsive WordPress themes helps you to choose the best WordPress theme for your needs and that you have a great time website building!

Those free responsive WordPress themes to suit any background, character/personality and even niche. Presenting persons with such high and top of the line customization privileges, that you can definitely make your presence known, within any online space or forum. With that in mind, you know now without a doubt, it is the perfect, more highly rated option for those now starting out, those taking a leap of faith and joining the “work online” forum, or simply those who want to boost the recognition of themselves, company or brand.

Kustrix Light

is a free responsive fashion blog WordPress theme that Support of various post types, allows creating custom posts defining specification. There are 3 blog layouts in the package:  right sidebar layout, layout without sidebars and  left sidebar layout.

kustrix-lightdownload / more info


is indeed an awesome free WordPress theme. Specifically designed for the avid and new blogger, it code to load content at high speeds utilizing the power of Ajax, to keep your readers doubly interested in your blog posts. This also compliments the innovative conceptualization behind the customization of this theme. This Blog theme is best suited for these particular niches: personal, adventure, fashion, food, travel.

boron free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a very pretty free responsive wordpress theme. It is fantastically girly when you look at it and it has several themes within the theme to choose from that have all been named with girls names, from Elena to Helen. This theme would suit a girly blog or a new clothes shops as all the themes are very feminine in their layout and looks. However, this theme isn’t just a pretty face as it has great functions and features which are really surprising when you consider it is a free WordPress theme. The theme also has great customization options which come included, and it describe as a great creative theme for a variety of uses that feels fresh and reliable.

Hazel Free Responsive WordPress Themedemo download / more info


is a great free responsive WordPress theme to choose. It is a strong powerful theme that is fully SEO optimised for the user. The customization of this theme truly speaks for itself. Though the design is simple it is another such theme that allows the user to truly make it their own. However, this theme is absolutely great for customising, with such features as a custom background, custom menu, fluid layout, full-width template, responsive layout and great theme options.

This theme have translation services and is woo commerce ready making it a great theme to choose if you are selling products. This theme also has great 5 star reviews that are bound to impressive you. The reviews say that this theme is easy to use, and has great customer service along with it. All in a great a theme to choose, which hosts a variety of different uses for the user to choose from. We definitely recommended it.

Vantage Free WordPress Themedemo download / more info


is a fresher and clean free WordPress theme and pretty than uncomplicated look. It is subtle but effective in its layout and theme options. If you want a professional but relaxed free WordPress theme then this is the one to choose we can assure you. Uncomplicated and grounded the themes design is, the themes features are more complicated as the theme boasts a wealth of different features and functions that tempt a more experienced website builder.

Photolap Free Responsive WordPress Themedemo download / more info


is an another great theme to choose if you are just starting out, it is also said that this theme has absolutely fantastic free support. It has a more simple design that is very accessible to the user, whilst also being easy and supportive. Though a little more limited in fancy designs this doesn’t stop this theme from having a good looking design and of course is fully customization. The most important aspect of WordPress themes though is their functions, especially when it comes to free responsive WordPress themes, as dependent on the ones you choose they can a little limit.

Globaly free Responsive WordPress Themedemo download / more info


is a free responsive WordPress theme brings the necessary and almost desired atmosphere to your storytelling experience! Enhancing the readability experience for all your subscribers. The layout of this theme focuses on the strategic placement of photos, allowing you to creatively lay them in such a way you relay a story wordlessly. So, if you’re looking to boost your storytelling, help enhance the experience for your readers with the creative power of the Nickel Theme. It is fully compatible with the Aesop Plugin.

nickel free wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a free premium WordPress theme for portfolio highlighting design, gripped with a spectacular responsively sound layout. The content area is but a single column, that holds an animated show or hide sidebar. A theme for the Fabulous at heart.

veston free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info

Travel Eye

is free responsive WordPress theme perfect for those in the listed areas: travel agencies, tour guidance agencies, hotels/resorts, any other organization dealing with travel or tours. It has also been optimized with the Page Builder Plugin by the company Site Origin. This boosts and elevates the drag-and-drop feature to a place where you can create unique and captivating layouts; in turn you will surely enhance your clients’ user experience.

travel eye free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info

Zap Lite

is one of the perfect free wordpress theme for those who love visual organization. This wasn’t geared toward any particular niche, so is capable to utilize in any one. It call one of the best multi purpose themes. It brings a fresh, well laid out / organized appearance to your website or blog site. Drawing the reader’s/user’s directly toward your important content.

zap lite free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


a modern style free wordpress theme, it is gear toward those specifically in the food and restaurant niches. However due to depth of its flexible customization and ease of use, this multi-purpose free WordPress theme, can become the base of any site.

foodhunt free wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a free responsive WordPress theme geared toward the minimalists at heart; this makes perfect for blogs or websites within the design, photography and fashion niches. It is said a picture tells 1000 words, remove the need for distracting text and flamboyant customizations and bring total views directly toward your images/artwork. Accessible on all screens from Mobile to Desktop, it optimize to support many translations. The developers truly thought about the photographers who may need to do last minute adjustment, and thus they added, among other load/unload effects, a lightbox (online Lightroom) feature.

philomina free responsive wordpress themedownload / more info


is actually one of the cleanest, most responsive and retina ready of the Free WordPress Theme. It’s layout is but a strong one page parallax design. It is indeed an excellent, easily customized choice for the day to day professional. Umbrella is best suited to Photo Studio websites, those in the Freelancing niche, Marketing and within the Creative niches. Although it is best suited to those groups in particular, it is not limited to anyone who is drawn to the elegant simplicity of the theme.

umbrella free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a fantastic free responsive WordPress theme that is not only reliable but has an air of stylish minimalism about it. It is another such theme that would be great for those that just want to get their site up and running quickly. Despite it being minimalist the design of the theme is a bold design that is fully customizable to the no doubt happy user. It is said that this theme is great for those using the theme for web agencies, studios, photography, portfolio, churches, personal and business websites.

It is a little nifty theme that has so many great hidden gems within it. Such as it being easy to configure and customise, it comes with a full width stretched and boxed layouts, beautiful image slider, lots of colour options, easy logo upload, over 360 font icons to choose from, custom widgets, sidebar options and loads more. This free WordPress theme is also SEO optimised, mobile friendly and retina ready. This is truly a great free WordPress theme if you want something easy and reliable, and as always the customer service support team is meant to absolutely first class.

Brix Free Responsive WordPress Themedownload / more info


is a free responsive WordPress theme that design with fashion in mind. It is perfect for a fashion or model agency, or designer that wishes to display their portfolio. It is extremely stylish in design, that lovingly create to fashionable but professional. However, it isn’t all looks about this fashionable free WordPress theme. The theme also has great functions for a professional and efficient website.

It has fantastic 24hr free support, it is fully customizable for those who are more choosy, it has stock photos included, it has custom formats and posts, it’s translation ready with the WPML feature, it contains 80 plus shortcodes and what’s more is that it has multiple color options. It is also SEO ready and has a built-in customer plus loads of other features. There are so many features to this theme it would take an essay on this theme alone to tell the reader how fantastic this free WordPress theme is. However, a few more to mention would be that it has a lifetime of free updates and a fantastic sliders feature. So if you are feeling fashionable this is the theme to choose!

Free WordPress Theme for Fashion Agencydemo download / more info


is a clean free wordpress theme about slightly less fashion and more stability and professionalism. Despite this, it is said that the theme is fully customization and allows you to develop as much or as little within it as the user likes. It is truly revolutionary with such features as, custom page templates, alternative sidebar page, as well as custom menus such as primary, secondary and footer menu.

It has a great selection of icons to choose from so it caters to all, along with a selection of featured images, with a great selection of widgets such as the google maps widget. It is also retina ready and fully WordPress translatable for the user. It is more uncomplicated than some other themes, and the great thing about this theme is that even if you were to become confuse despite the simplicity of theme, is has great customer service, so any problems you do have with the theme will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Edin Free responsive WordPress Themedemo download / more info


is slightly less customer service more functionality. With this theme, it is said that nothing is able to go wrong, as it is easy and simple to use along with having an already great customization that allows the user to use it for a variety of different sites. This free WordPress theme would be suitable for a business, photography, lawyers firm, surgery, creative studio or portfolio. This theme is really great for these kinds of websites.

However, Goran increases it functionality by having loads of fantastic features to choose from. Such as it’s responsive design, custom web pages and page templates, full width page template, fully customizable sidebar along with custom menus and a variety of social icons to choose from. The theme also has a wealth of different theme options to choose that are very detailed such as a sidebar position, top area content, thumbnail aspect ratio, and a customizable front page show title. The theme also has a variety of different widgets to choose from like google maps mentioned before and is translation ready which even though common really is a great feature to have.

Goran Free Responsive WordPress Themedemo download / more info


is a great free wordpress theme that would work great as a blog. The styles of the theme that this free wordpress theme contains would be suitable for any kind of blog but would most suit a travel blog. The style and design of the theme would greatly enhance any content that you utilise in this free wordpress theme. It is a clean and fresh layout that has gotten great reviews, all saying that this wordpress theme is not only reliable but fast with a 2 click download function.

This free theme also has some great features that people have rave about such as a powerful theme customiser that allows the user to change such aspects of the theme such as colors, allows the user to modify all settings, upload logos, and the theme lets you preview and inspect all the features before uploading the theme. This is another theme where the customer service is said to benefit the overall outcome. Some users have said that it is the best customer service that they have ever experience relating to wordpress themes, and for a free wordpress theme it really is impressive that they have managed to have so many great features as well as great customer service.

HarmonUX free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a reliable and functional free WordPress theme that allows its users great customization services that they can truly use to their advantage. A clean design and style of this theme make it the perfect theme to choose if you want something very simple and grounded. Nothing too flashy and customization that doesn’t confuse the user and that allows the users to set up the site in as little as two minutes.

Suitable for a variety of different areas this theme not only has a great design but also great functions and features. This theme screams simple customization with a fully customizable layout, full-width box option, two header styles to choose from, two service block styles, two of the latest block layouts to choose, full-width box layout, and is translation ready. The theme also has great SEO optimisation for the user, making it easy for the site to found on google. A great theme to start off with and definitely recommended.

Hathor free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is in the name, this is a really great starter WordPress theme. Tenth on our list of free responsive WordPress themes, this theme though it doesn’t allow a lot of variety, is a one-page WordPress theme that offers simplicity to the user. However despite the lack of variety of this free WordPress theme, it does have other benefits besides its simplicity. The starter is SEO optimised, has great color options, is translation ready, retina ready has loads of different fonts to choose from, as well as customizable templates for the user to use.

Another great benefit of this theme is the customer service. The support team knows that the only people who are really going to using this theme are newbies to WordPress and website building, so they have created great customer support for those who need help fixing issues or figuring out this easy to use free WordPress theme. This theme truly is great and allows the user to make the starter page their own without it becoming confusing.

Starter free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a more stylish theme that focuses on design more than the others. Created with magazines in mind, this particular free WordPress theme is fantastic for making content pop to the eyes of the readers and is fully customizable to for any kind of potential online magazine that the theme would be used for. However it is very stylish so is recommended for a fashion online magazine. Along with the general design of the theme, forceful is great for magazines not just for its looks but also due to the features included in the theme that add with magazines in mind.

ForceFul free wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a clear free photo theme that design for portfolio use. This can absolutely great if you are looking for a theme that allows you to display your portfolio professionally but creatively as it allows you to develop the theme to your liking and to suiting your own portfolio with this free WordPress theme. This is a great theme for anyone who wants to create a great online portfolio but doesn’t want to spend fifty-odd dollars on creating one.

Pictorico free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is more creative free responsive WordPress theme in design. It is fresh in a way that is blank but stylish, so that the user doesn’t feel like they already have the perfect site but don’t want to copy the original theme in anyway. It would be suitable for many different functions, and it all depends on what the user would like to use the theme for, another great reason why it is a blank theme. The theme has in fact had hundreds of people give it a 5-star rating, and said that the theme is easy to use and is great as a blank canvas.

Radiate free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info



is a multi-purpose free WordPress Theme. It has a full width grid after the first page builder, full-screen lightbox slideshow, complete list of customizable features, including a layout editor, and social sharing options. The theme is retina ready and clean flat design. Sauron can complete business portfolio, customized to take advantage of the company’s corporate, commercial, non-profit organizations, blogs, photos, personal, restaurant, construction, medical, and other sites.

sauron free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a free business and corporate WordPress theme. It built on the Bootstrap v3.x front-end framework and totally responsive. It looks stunning even on the smallest mobile phone and even nicer on larger desktop computer monitor. It is a fully customizable theme which you can modify from over a hundred fonts and color schemes to choose from. The front page template can display in a Parallax style or a static banner which includes featured pages, page contents and a custom post layout. It is an easy to use theme and suitable for professionals as well as beginners.

themify free wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a very clean and elegant fully free responsive WordPress theme, made specifically for blogs. It is suitable for personal, lifestyle, travel, food & recipes, storytelling blogs. Its features allows you to showcase your contents in a timeless manner with the latest trendy design furnished with pure elegance and sophistication. It provides 3 custom widgets and unlimited theme color options for you to choose from. It is Translation ready and also compatible with the ever popular plugin, Woo-Commerce.

Kotha – Free Responsive WordPress Themedemo download / more info


is a free premium responsive WordPress theme which is built on Bootstrap 3 framework. It is a photo centric theme with interesting hover animation and a responsive layout. Qubez compatible with the jetpack infinite scroll plugin which provides a smooth ajax pagination effect. The content area of the site would appear in a single column with animated show/hide type sidebar. This theme is comes with fully customizable features such as the homepage, social settings where you can set various social media links to your site, color scheme and also banner settings to control the banner ads on the sidebar.

Qubez free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a beautiful clean free wordpress theme suitable for businesses of any kind, with a full screen slider, smooth scrolling functions equipped with beautiful stunning animations that will surely provide a memorable experience to its viewers. The theme provides a professional look with a widgetized footer and a simple yet sophisticated overall design. It has a modern and gorgeous interface which comes with colorful sections. It has translated-ready codes and is inclusive of Google fonts for you to work with. Sydney offers a parallax background as well as a slider or static image header to build your site with full creativity.

sydney free wordpress themedemo download / more info

SKT Charity

is a fully free responsive WordPress theme that well compatible with Google mobile friendly test and responsive tools. It is very easy to use and with the help of the Customizer, colors and options on the site is changeable. Changes are even allow to made live, thus making this theme perfect for those auctions or charity fund raisers. It is coded based on the latest Codex theme requirements. SKT is compatible with most plugins such as the NextGen Gallery, Contact form 7 and the Woo-Commerce It is multilingual ready and compatible with the qTranslate X as well as other language plugins.

skt charity free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a fully free responsive WordPress theme which easy to custom post types and also post formats. There are 80+ short codes with multiple color options for you to choose from to suit your needs. It is very easy to install with just two steps and you are ready to use this theme. There are multiple custom widgets such as Comments, Social Sharing and much more. MODI also features fantastic sliders for you to share your graphics and images in a fashionable manner, to woo your viewers. It is SEO ready thus increasing your ranking in the various search engines.

modi free wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a professionally done photographer portfolio free WordPress theme to convert your creativity and business ideas into a solid online design.

Jame free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a free one page theme for business website. It is a fully customization and let you be creative with it. It consist of relevant sections that must be features especially on respectable business pages such as gallery, about, clients and services. You can also customized your logo and icons as well. Onetone have search engine optimized, which will certainly help build your rankings in search engines.

onetone free WordPress themedemo download / more info


is a fully free responsive WordPress theme suitable to create simple business sites. It is Retina ready and compatible with both BuddyPress and the bbPress, allowing you to include a forum to your site easily. You are flexible to change the appearance of your site to suit your needs with the built-in theme option. Interface offers many building blocks to allow you to customize your site such as the homepage Featured slider, diverse page templates, extensive layout options and much more. It is also able to support plugins such as the Breadcrumb NavXT, Contact Form 7 and WP-PageNavi.

Interface free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is an interesting free theme for WordPress which ideal for blogs. This theme is jaw dropping with its looks as it comes equipped with vibrant color schemes and stunning graphic display. It suitable for blogs, restaurants, cafes, chefs, bakeries, photography agency, video graphers and much more. Due to its stunning layout and high resolution image display, this theme is suitable to showcase portfolios and galleries to your general viewers and target audiences.

Receptar free responsive wordpress themedownload / more info


is a fully free responsive WordPress theme which can use for various sites such as business, portfolio or blogs. It has vast customization options with its multiple page layouts. There are also five custom widgets which ideal to create business-oriented websites. Spacious offers sliders, box and wide layout, either a light or dark color skin or also a huge color scheme option which you can make full use to create attractive sites. It is also compatible on most mobile devices.

Spacious free WordPress themedemo download / more info

Cherry Framework 4

cherry free wordpress themedemo download / more info

Powen Lite

is free wordpress theme ideal for modern blog post. The header section is clean which consists two menus that slides from the side of the page when you click it. There are social icons on the top of the header that would help you to create social sites links. This theme is initially create for blogs but due to its various customization option, it is suitable too to use in just about any type of sites. There is a cool slider at the top of the page that helps to highlight the contents.

Powen Lite free respnsive wordpress themedemo download


is a fully responsive free WordPress theme which is compatible with most mobile devices. It has flexible layouts which are fully customizable. It also is compatible with most web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, FIreFox and Opera and thus, is SEO optimize. With its simple yet modern outlook, this theme is multipurpose and can use for just about any websites you have in mind. It is very easy to use, with a fast loading speed and also lightweight. There are 16 widgets available to make things so much easier. Its theme option panel is easy to use, helping you configure your theme easily.

AccessPress free responsive wordpress themedemo download


is a free WordPress theme for cafe website. It allows you content on your site to easily showcase on high resolution Retina Displays which makes your site more attractive and stunningly view. Auberge works great with laptops, tablets, desktop computers and also on smart phones. This theme supports the Beaver page builder plugin and compatible with all major web browsers too. It is very user friendly and suitable for newcomers as well as professional programmers.

Auberge free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a fully free responsive WordPress Theme that ideal for bloggers. You are able to create an interesting blog or just about any site with its huge vibrant color schemes, legible typography and prominent, distinct graphics and images. This theme equip with interesting features such as the responsive design, retina-ready assets, custom accent color, custom logo upload, full-width header image which has a parallax scrolling effect, custom widgets to add videos, Flickr and Dribble, page templates and also translation-ready codes. Hemingway also provides an effective and efficient post format support for its users.

hemingway free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info

Modern blog

is a fully responsive free WordPress theme suitable for blogs and portfolios. It supports the Jetpack plugin and the Theme Hook Alliance action hooks. It has translation-ready codes which allows your site to automatically translate in the language of choice by your viewer. There is an awesome header slideshow feature which allows you to play around with graphics, animations and transition effects for the extra attention to your site. This theme is compatible with most web browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, FireFox and Internet Explorer 9+.It is suitable for portfolios for personal or corporate use.

Modern free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a fully free responsive WordPress theme ready and optimize, allowing your site to rise in rankings among search engines. It has various custom widgets such as for Comments and Social Media sharing platforms. This theme is Retina ready and compatible on most devices. It is very much suitable to showcase portfolios and images with its high resolution display. This theme is suitable for photographers and radiographers to present their work in style. Melissa is translation ready as it supports the WPML plugin. It is fully customizable with multiple color options and customize typography with over 600+ Google Font to play around with.

Melissa free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info

CleanPort Lite

is a free WordPress theme design specifically for businesses to show off their products and services. It is extremely lightweight, hence the name Lite add, thus providing you a fast page loading feature for your site. You are able to customize as many options as you like using the Theme Customizer by changing the color scheme, fonts, sliders, footer text and also tracking scripts to make your site stand out and attract more viewers to your site. It is a very easy to use theme and is suitable for beginners as well as professional developers for any business relate sites.

CleanPort free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


Free-WordPress-Theme-for-Restaurant-Sitedemo download / more info

TA Pluton

is a creative free WordPress theme design ideally to promote creative businesses website. It power by the Front Page Builder. It is a full responsive theme with retina ready graphics thus automatically adapts to the different screen sizes that makes it look beautiful on all devices. This theme is the complete solution of building fast and efficient one-page parallax sites. There are lots of features which is great for portfolios such as the Call to Action, Embedding Audio and Video, Filtering and Fluid Galleries making your site as unique as it can.

TA-Pluton free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a free WordPress template ideal for bloggers to showcase their portfolio or for their blog posts. There is an unlimited theme color options which you can choose from to create stunning sites to grab the attention of your viewers. There are two custom templates include namely to display your contents and another as your contact page. You are also able to customize your logo and site title by making use of the color scheme options of the theme. Esteem also offers a full screen slider at the homepage of your site.

Esteem free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a fully free responsive and stylish Pinterest-style theme made for bloggers. It is very innovative and effective with over 100 elements, 230 styles and 18 header styles for you to play around with to make your site as unique as possible. It uses the Masonry layout library to help display all contents in a Pinterest-style grid. Therefore, this theme is ideal for magazines, e-books or blogs with lots of posts. It is Retina ready with the use of high-resolution icon fonts that makes it look beautiful on all devices.

Garfunkel free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a clean and minimal free responsive WordPress theme design specifically for bloggers. It is Retina ready and thus looks stunning on all screen sizes. It supports for the gallery and quote post formats with custom accent color support. Rams also includes the Jet-pack infinite scroll as well as translation ready code. It comes in either a one column or two column page with Sticky Post and easy to use Theme Options.

Rams free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a universally design free WordPress theme suitable for web designers or web developers as well as photographers and videographers to showcase their portfolio. It has an interesting color scheme which is clean and fresh yet vibrant to the sight. There are four content areas which you can easily post your visuals and text for your site. It also has a zooming effect which assists in the viewing of the page much easier. What’s interesting is that this theme offers a detail Google map which enables your clients to locate you conveniently which is equip with a share button.

MULTI free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info

TA DailyBlog

is a simple and clean free WordPress theme specifically design for bloggers. It is built with the Bootstrap 3 which is compatible with smart phones, tablets, desktop computers and many other devices. This theme is just perfect for bloggers, especially for those who love to share their passion with the world in all aspects. It is very flexible and fully customizable. There is a pre-made 16 color scheme which allows you to explore your creativity with it. This theme is SEO friendly that will surely make search engines fall in love with your site. It supports most plugins too such as Contact Form 7, W3 Total Cache and SEO by Yoast.

TA-DailyBlog free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a very flexible theme to deliver a premium look as it is design to make your content stand out. It is very suitable for corporate, blogs, business, portfolio, or any kinds of sites as it has a fluid and flexible layout, thus allowing you to showcase your works on your site. It comes in a flat and straight forward design that caters for any type of contents.

Accelerate free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is just a beautiful free WordPress theme suitable for blogs with a strong custom header and a large topography which then allows your contents to the main focus of your site. It is a one column theme with the blog feed rolling through the center of the page.

Tracks free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a WordPress theme that is uniquely design for storytelling. It allows you to customize your side, preview the changes made before they are presented to the world. There are custom color options and a header icon option with over 400+ icons to choose from.

Saga free responsive wordpress theme download / more info

Nouveau Riche

is a free responsive WordPress theme create for bloggers to explore their creative minds. It is fully customizable with various theme colors to choose from to make your site more attractive as well as soothing to the eyes.

Nouveau free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a free responsive WordPress theme that is multipurpose, but mostly recommend for personal use such as personal blogs and personal portfolios. As it names sound, Fictive is all about making fictions active! Therefore, it is all about you, where you can use this theme to represent your style, your story, and your views.

Fictive free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is free responsive theme with a grid style. This theme offers two customization images, assort column layouts and a good platform for your contents. There is also a “featured” option that you can use to include your most recent post for better clarity for your viewers.

Fullby free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is free flat design WordPress theme built with the Bootstrap 3.0. It is a very advance theme with attractive shortcodes generator compare to other WordPress themes. You are able to customize the logo and favicon to suit your site’s brand. This is an important element especially for those in the sales and marketing industry where branding is vital. The Flat Theme also allows you to customize your colors and fonts to cater for your preference.

Flat free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a free responsive WordPress theme with a clean, minimal yet a highly sophisticate modern design. It compatible on all screen sizes to the smallest smart phone screens to the larger desktop computer monitor. FastNews supports multi layout schematic which allows you to choose from a list of different layouts to suit your needs. It is fully customizable where you can control the different display of your contents with an unlimited sidebar. It also offers the Homepage Featured Slider to highlight any important post of your site.

FastNews free responsive wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a fully free responsive WordPress theme that ideal for business websites, shop websites, organizations and just about anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. It build by using part for the Bootstrap 3 front-end framework, which allows the theme to fully flexible for any sites apply to. It provides multiple options to modify layouts, styles, with unlimited colors to choose from. This theme also comes equipped with theme documentation and support forum help for any assistance needed.

Circumference free wordpress themedemo download / more info

Catch Kathmandu

is a responsive free Premium WordPress theme which is ideal for blogs and corporate sites. This theme is fully customizable with just a few clicks. It automatically adapted to screen size regardless of the device that your visitors use. Kathmandu has large screen layouts which elegantly extendable up to 1280 pixels. This theme can accommodate any visuals with ample space for captions and texts. The Theme Options allows you to toggle on and off features, change colors, fonts, logo and background, as well as adding social links to your sites. It offers a Featured Post Slider to highlight any interesting posts on your site.

Catch-Kathmandu free wordpress themedemo download / more info


Onetone free wordpress themedemo download / more info

DW Timeline

is a timeline WordPress theme that design for blogs and portfolios. It support by the Bootstrap 3 and Theme Wrappers. It is adapted from Facebook popular timeline layout into this unique theme, which supports up to 6 post formats such as Standard, Gallery, Video, Quote, Status and Audio. The theme is Translation ready and is fully customizable. The appearance of the theme can easily customize in terms of logo, font styles, color and background to make your site attractive and stand out from the crowd. It is easy to use and support by various web browsers.

DW-Timeline free wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a free WordPress theme created mainly for corporate business. It is build based on the Bootstrap 3 framework. This theme designed with a modern and clean style equipped with a portfolio filer, Flexslider and a Working ajax contact form. Although this theme is free to download and use, the outlook and the modern design makes it look like it is a Premium theme, in short, making your site looks expensive. It features theme short codes, theme options panel and Meta boxes. It is fully customizable with large color scheme to choose from and is very user friendly.

Moderna free wordpress themedemo download / more info download


is a clean and easy to use wordpress theme. It is very suitable for blogs and magazines with clean modules to allow you to show off your latest articles. You are able to customize the colors and headers to suit your needs and it also comes with the custom widgets to place into the footer and sidebar.

JustWrite free wordpress themedemo download / more info


Revera is a fully free responsive WordPress theme that is create base on the Bootstrap 3 framework. It offers a clean, minimalist yet sleek design, providing a sophisticated, professional outlook to whatever site you are working on. It comes with features such as a custom menu, custom homepage template, featured images and graphics, portfolio page template, widgetized sidebar and footer which is linkable to social websites, custom homepage widgets and a theme option page.

Revera free wordpress themedemo download / more info

WP RootStrap

is a free WordPress them power by Bootstrap 3.0. It is a flat and minimal design theme specifically design for SEO optimization with a fast page loader. It is suitable for beginners to develop any sites. WP Rootstrap offers lots of theme hook to help the developer further enhance the site.

WP-RootStrap free wordpress theme download / more info


is a free WordPress theme uniquely design in a classic personal tumblog style. It is Retina ready with 100% high resolution providing awesome sharpness for your site. It is fully responsive where is able to scale down beautifully from a full high definition resolution down to a lower resolution fir for smart phones. There is an extensive styling option to allow you to set any unlimited accent colors for the theme very quickly. The many post formats available helps you to present videos, audio on your site. There is also an unlimited widget area which can assign to a unique page or post.

Anew free wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a fully responsive theme suitable to use for magazines or e-books. It is a very flexible theme which is user friendly. There is a huge styling options as well as adjustable layout settings which allows users to customize their site. Hueman is compatible on any screen sizes, and looks stunning on screens. This theme also supports 10 post formats, unlimited widget areas and also a built-in social button.

Hueman free wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a clean, minimalistic WordPress Theme, that direct to the writers of the world. This was design specifically to directly give readers what they want, your good content.

Writr free wordpress theme demo download / more info


Mania Fashion Free WordPress Themedemo download / more info


is another one of the very well laid out minimalist design free wordpress theme. It perfect for highlighting your important posts, with a very grid based layout. That however, can change depending on the interface it is viewed upon (Mobile or Desktop). Everything about this theme though, was purposefully organized to work instantly after download.

Pronto Masonry free wordpress themedemo download / more info


is most certainly perfect theme for showcasing your powerful portfolio. It even has blog space so you can share your posts with freelancers looking to get started, guide your readers along on your every creative journey as well as satisfy the clients who are trying to feel you out before contracting you.

Wokality free wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a free WordPress theme perfect for Photo bloggers, or those who enjoy photo journalism. This theme currently supports varying post formatting and can even simplify the way you customize the content and visual presentation of your posts.

Moments free wordpress themedemo download / more info

Lefty theme

is an elegant but completely free WordPress theme develop by Authentic Themes.

free premium blog WordPress themedemo download / more info


is a clean, simplicity orient design develop mainly with a portfolio theme at heart. This WordPress theme is quite powerful visually and extremely versatile.

Celestino free wordpress themedemo download


is quite easily customization and creative options free wordpress theme. It also supports majority of the popular plugins like Breadcrumb NavXT/ WP-PageNavi or even Contact Form 7. The available Translations are: Chinese (Taiwan), Spanish, Norwegian, German, Russian, Dutch, Italian and Danish.

Attitude free wordpress themedemo download / more info

Clean Retina

is a self explanatory free WordPress Theme with a Responsive Retina Ready, Clean and Elegant Design. It seamlessly conforms to most mobile digital screens.

Clean Retina free wordpress themedemo download / more info

DW Minion

is a very simplistically design free WordPress Blog Theme. Develop for those with a strong minimalist mindset. It is sad however, that this theme has not been updated in over 2 years. If downloaded it may present several compatibility issues. It would be wise to steer clear until it update.

DW Minion free wordpress themedemo download / more info


is a free portfolio theme, it develop to specifically showcase the hard work and strong portfolios of talented photographers, designers, handcrafts and even artists.

Gridster free wordpress themedemo download / more info


WallPress free wordpress themedemo download / more info


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Graham Bill is a front end web developer and designer specialized on coding php, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript and especially on development website templates and WordPress themes.

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  1. Great themes Graham!

    Thank you so much for putting the best themes together. I think it will be greatly helpful for WordPress lovers around.

    Have you checked themes by 8 Degree Themes? Zincy Lite, Wimpie Lire, Eight Store Lite are some great themes which are available at I think they can make an additional resource for your blog whenever you update it.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. The interface theme draws my mind . Many other themes recommended at this site is also attractive themes to build up a responsive and reliable site .
    As It is a Simple, Clean and Flat Responsive Retina Ready free responsive wordpress themes , as a result it may draw your attention normally . It can be easily customizable with numerous theme options. Some of the highlighted options are two site layout (Narrow and Wide),

  3. I’m looking to start a community based site where it can also server ecommerce needs.

    I feel Mesocloum will be perfect fit for what Im looking, thanks graham

  4. Great post. For my new website (car towing) i want to use Pinboard free WordPress theme.
    I love rensponsive and fast loading WordPress websites.

  5. Hi,

    WordPress themes made our life easy, now we can easily designed our business website using best premium wordpress themes. Thanks to share this lovely collection.

  6. Great compilation, Graham!

    I’ve been researching many a list from various websites recommending the latest free themes for this year and was honestly a little disappointed with the standard and variety.

    However, the list you’ve compiled is the freshest (inadvertent pun) and of the highest design standards I’ve come across. Many of the themes you’ve compiled are truly to a premium standard and aren’t to be found on other leading websites that make similar recommendations.

    Simply put, thank you. Your compilation has been of great benefit to me. You clearly know your way around the web when it comes to sourcing the best free WordPress-based themes.

    I’d be very interested in an article in which you list several to a dozen websites that you regularly check for sourcing free themes. Either that or a direct email to my inbox would be equally appreciated.

    Thanks for the “fresh” perspective. I had almost given up on sourcing free themes for my current projects.

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