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60+ Best Health & Medical WordPress Themes 2016 Free – Premium

Every website has to look professional, particularly in the health and medical sector, where trust is vital factor in determining a business’ success. Regardless of the content of your site, anyone searching for resources want to see a professional domain with easy navigation. Struggling to find the right information, or being unable to make sense of the layout, is sure to leave users clicking away to find an alternative. You must approach your website with the same seriousness and dedication you would any aspect of your own personal business premises. WordPress is one of today’s biggest and most accessible platforms to build websites, for everything from personal blogs to commercial domains. There are a wide variety of themes on WordPress to give a site a unique aesthetic, combining attractive layouts with professional styling.

However, with so many available options, how can you possibly know which is right for you? Doctors, hospitals, clinics, dentists, and other medical professionals will want their sites to look better than that of their competition’s – so weighing the options and assessing the benefits each provides is key. Below is a list of some of the best 60+ health WordPress themes for health and medical sites.

RT-Theme 20 Catalog and Medical

rt-theme-20-catalog-medicaldemo download / more info


Psychiatrists must present a professional, approachable image to attract potential patients. There are many therapists offering their services, but to stand out, they have to ensure their online presence is the very best it can be. Psychiatrist is a popular theme with a sharp business edge, used to create websites based around therapists’ needs. There are various options included to customize the site and its performance, with Revolution slider, Visual Composer, as well as eCommerce support available. An advanced admin panel helps to make maintaining your site fast and easy.

No matter what area of psychology you offer your services in, Psychiatrist may well be perfect for your site. There are four different types of menu to choose from, with each style distinctive in its own right. The Visual Composer allows you to customize your domain’s aesthetics with an absolute minimum of fuss, with no need to code: this makes sure any therapist can maintain their site with ease. As mobile accessibility is so vital today, Psychiatrist is designed to offer users maximum responsiveness on all of today’s major mobile systems. The WooCommerce support is ready to help you sell products, if needed.

psychiatristdemo download / more info

Home Health Care

home health care wordpress themedemo download / more info


Few people feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair. For this reason, dental clinics and practices must ensure their online presence is as warm, welcoming, and relaxing as possible – having to navigate a poorly-built website will only confuse users, chasing them away to your competitors (or away from the dental treatment they need altogether). The Dentalcare WordPress theme is designed to be a one-stop hub for all of your practice’s and patients’ needs. There are various features which make finding the right services and registering for an appointment quick and easy.

There are two distinct homepage options available, both of which are attractive, bright, and professional. Images play a crucial role in selling the services of any medical institution, and with this theme you can blend visuals and text in equal proportion. One of the most impressive features of the Dentalcare theme is the Online Appointment Booking System, a plug-in which allows patients to schedule their appointment with a minimum of hassle. This prevents patients from having to call your center to arrange a meeting, and they can do this on the go, wherever they are. Unique page transitions and a highly responsive design round this impressive package out.

dentalcare medical health wordpress theme demo download / more info


MedLab WordPress theme is a neat, clean theme providing stylish visuals and efficient navigation. Keeping a professional site is vital, and MedLab is sure to impress patients. The smart services pages provide fast, concise information and allow patients to select the service that suits their needs. The quicker your patients can find what they came to your site for, the more satisfied they will be. Blogging is still crucial for your center, helping you to maintain a regular interaction with your existing and potential patients. The ability to add comments makes communication fast and simple, with yourself or other members of your team able to converse with users in a convenient way.

MedLab comes with a theme customizer, so you can choose the ideal color to suit your brand. The slider makes picking the exact hue quick and easy. Responsive design is essential to make sure user experience is all it can be – users will quickly become annoyed by slow sites, and may even leave. Being able to use your site on a mobile device is particularly important, and MedLab’s cross-device functionality will help you reach existing and potential patients at all times.

medlab health wordpress demo download / more info

Dental Care

dental care medical wordpress theme demo download / more info


This medical WordPress theme is fully licensed b GPL, and is totally customizable. Proper formatting is kept simple with automatically-applied headings, ‘read more’ links, and other features designed to make Polyclinic as accessible as possible for maximum engagement. Polyclinic also features no sliders, no shortcodes, and no custom post-types, with all functionality present in plug-ins. This helps to future-proof the theme and make sure it remains compatible with most plug-ins with a minimum of fuss. Polyclinic employs functions that are already present in WordPress, to keep the performance as steady and fast as your patients need.

The theme’s entire appearance can be tweaked, thanks to the wide variety of tools – change the layout, the logo, widgets, menus, and more. You want your site to have a unique aesthetic and feel, and this theme is built for such freedom. Full mobile-compatibility keeps your site looking stylish, colorful, and inviting no matter which type of screen users are viewing it on. Mobiles and tablets make up a huge portion of internet traffic today, and your site will perform best with cross-platform accessibility. Polyclinic can also be translated into any language, ensuring the site suits the specific area you’re appealing to.

polyclinic medical wordpress theme demo download / more info


Physiotherapy is an important aspect of modern medicine. Whenever people suffer injuries, physio with qualified professionals can rehabilitate their limbs or entire body ready for everyday life. To make sure your physio services reach patients in need, your site has to be as accessible and inviting as possible to stand the greatest chance of converting users into clients. Physio makes building a website quick and simple. Thanks to the drag and drop page-maker, you can use unlimited pages just as you want to, with no need to worry about being constricted to set layouts.

Your Live Theme Customizer also allows you to alter the theme’s layout and colors within just a few clicks, showing the results right in your browser before you accept the tweaks – saving time otherwise spent going into and out of the customization panel. The Booked plug-in grants your users the power to book appointments wherever they are, using a computer or their mobile device. This is a free addition to the theme. Available widgets include Google Maps, Facebook, business hours, and more.

physio-physical-therapy-medical-clinic-themedemo download / more info



With Medicate, you can enjoy a flexible, stylish theme that gives your site a professional feel. The modern design is easy to navigate, and the high responsiveness eliminates the risk of frustration for users on smaller screens. A cost calculator can also be added to the theme, which gives your users the tool to receive a free quote – if your services incur a high cost, patients will appreciate this convenient solution. This is translation ready, to suit the linguistic demands of your customer-base, and with more than 500 Google fonts available, you can customize your theme’s text for a genuinely unique style.

For clinics and centers selling products on their site, the Medicare theme features a WooCommerce shop out of the box. The easy set-up means you can start selling in next to no time. Unique page transitions and responsive deign provides quick performance, particularly on mobile devices. You want your users to be able to find the relevant service with a minimum of hassle and inconvenience, and Medicare has been built with this in mind.

medicare medical health wordpress theme demo download / more info

Diagnostic Laboratory

Diagnostic Health WordPress Themedemo download / more info

Maxi Health

Maxi Health provides one of the most professional, most stylish medical WordPress themes, with a crisp aesthetic users will feel incredibly comfortable with. The highly-effective admin panel is easy for you to use, allowing you to customize your site’s layout within just a few taps of your mouse. All the options you need are arranged logically, giving you full reign over your domain in one panel. Header and navigation options are highly flexible, leading to unique menus that guide patients through your site quickly. Want to experiment with sidebars? Maxi Health offers a limitless variety of sidebars, and naming them and positioning them across your pages is foolproof.

As blogs are important to online engagement and customer-service today, Maxi Health’s blog options are wide and varied, so you can affect its visual layout and technical data. The Visual Composer is another feature, for simple page-building users with all skill levels can make the most of. There are more than 500 icons to choose from, and more than 500 Google fonts – make your medical domain stand out from the crowd. Unlimited colors are available, and the user-friendly shortcode generator provides easy performance for those who want to try something a little more technical.

maxi health medical wordpress theme demo download / more info

Senior Home Care

For older people, the internet can be a confusing place – finding the information they need on countless websites can leave them overwhelmed and frustrated. The Senior WordPress theme is ideal for engaging elderly users, for a variety of services including assisted living, nursing homes, and more. Senior features all the vital components to make for a quick and simple launch. Floor plans and galleries can be set up within a tap or two of the mouse, and there are plenty of other features that make building your own business site easy. Visual Composer and Drop Page Builder gives you the power to make distinctive pages simply by moving the various elements around with your mouse.

Your content’s layout is, of course, incredibly important to nurturing a satisfying user experience, and this makes arranging and rearranging any page simple. More than 500 Google fonts add to the immense range of customization options, alongside the 5 page templates suiting a range of content-types. Depending on the text and visuals you want to include, specific templates will be more suitable than others – Senior imposes very few restrictions. For any site dedicated to helping the elderly find the medical information they need, Senior may be the perfect solution.

Senior Home Care WordPress Health Themedemo download / more info


Healthflex features a strong, vibrant look. Visuals are made large, which works beautifully for attractive photos, and the performance is designed to be highly responsive on screens of all sizes. The customized drag and drop page builder is similar to Visual Composer, but allows for customization on a grander scale, with plenty of shortcodes for immense flexibility. Limitless page layouts await, rewarding experimentation and desire to build a unique website. For added personalization, unlimited color choices allow you to find the perfect hue for your business, reinforcing your site as your online hub.

Thematic icon libraries are on offer, which makes adding icons to any page as simple as pointing and clicking. A WooCommerce plug-in is available to let you start selling products immediately, without having to invest excessive time in building an online store on a separate site. With Healthflex, you can also integrate Google Maps and Twitter to give users visual directions and social-media connectivity without having to leave your site. You can also add before and after images, with the ‘compare’ function – this is a huge help to illustrate the quality of your services, and gives visual evidence more powerful than text.

healthflex health wordpress theme demo download / more info


As we mentioned earlier, users want to feel as relaxed as possible when searching for a dentist. Few people find visiting a dental clinic easy, especially for extensive treatments, and so providing them with a simple, easy-to-navigate site makes the overall process more pleasurable. Dentistry is a powerful WordPress theme, featuring a key choice between wide and boxed layouts. Each of these results in a specific style, and depending on your personal preferences, you’ll prefer one over the other – experimenting is easy thanks to a tap of a button.

A before and after gallery is a fantastic tool, allowing users to see visual evidence of previous treatments. Dental surgery, fillings, and more can all be displayed, encouraging potential patients to trust your clinic’s services. Shortcodes are available in abundance, including; accordions; column; tabs; icon boxes; dividers; lists; buttons; and more. Dentistry looks great on a screen of any size, from the widest monitor to the smallest mobile. This is a professional and stylish solution for any dental center looking to grab attention. Sidebars can also be customized and relocated around any page.

dentistry dental clinic wordpress theme demo download / more info


Heartify is an impressive theme, tailored to suit medical professionals in need of a unique site with a sleek finish. To start with, six different types of home page are available, featuring various layouts. The home page is crucial, and often the first port of call for most users; if yours is lacking in any way, either in terms of the quality of its layout or the amount of information available, you run the risk of chasing users – and potential patients – away.

Heartify is built to adapt to suit screens of any size, so users accessing your site on their mobile will find it just as responsive as they will on their desktop computer. Heatify is also touch-sensitive, and includes a layer slider and a revolution slider. It is also integrated with Google Maps, giving users the power to locate your center without having to leave your site, and the contact form is highly functional.

heartify medical health wordpress theme demo download / more info

Health & Care

health care medical wordpress theme demo download / more info


MedicalPro provides medical professionals with a wide range of options and customizable features. The biggest and perhaps most useful option is that of four home page types: each of these has a unique layout, and the sleek designs will only help to make your content more attractive. Revolution Slider shows your site off beautifully, with fluid performance, and Visual Composer makes for simple page-building.

This drag and drop tool is ideal for both novices and experienced users, and takes the hard work out of creating a website. Timetable Responsive Schedule is especially helpful, as an easy-use plug-in, and on top of all this, the Booked Appointment Booking plug-in allows users to schedule appointments with yourself or other members of your medical team. A WooCommerce feature is ideal for setting-up shop within next to no time, selling your products without the hassle of building a separate retail site.

MedicalPro - Health and Medical WordPress Themedemo download / more info

NRG Hospital

Your hospital needs to maintain a powerful web-presence, and NRG Hospital is a professional solution with plenty of great options. As with so many other health WordPress themes, Visual Composer makes building pages beautifully simple; just drag and drop the blocks of content where you want them to create a unique layout. Revolution Slider is available, which allows you to produce a stunning showcase that’s easy to use by potential patients at all levels of tech-savviness. Google Web Fonts provides more than 600 fonts to give your site a unique flavor. You can also choose from an amazing variety of colors to suit your hospital’s unique style, keeping the site professional but vibrant at the same time.

NRG Hospital - One & Multi page Health Theme demo download / more info

Medical & Dentist WordPress Theme

medical-dentist-wordpress-themedemo download / more info

Medical Healthcare WordPress Theme

medical-healthcare-wordpress-themedemo download / more info

Healthcare Agency

This health WordPress theme is bold, bright, and incredibly convenient to use. Visual Composer is included to make building your unique pages simple, with a handy drag and drop function. This is part of the beauty of a good theme: you can customize and perfect your own site without the intense technological knowledge needed for building sites in the traditional way. Advanced department structure makes separating types of treatment easy, which breaks them down into specific categories – this allows users to find the help they need with a minimum of hassle. Google Web Fonts is included, offering hundreds of fonts to play around with, and Revolution Slider.

Healthcare Agency - Health & Medical WordPress demo download / more info


Like many other medical WordPress themes on this list, Medico is a medical WordPress theme that offers hugely responsive design. Layouts are easy to navigate and browse, with dynamic arrangements. Patients can also use the working appointment form to schedule their own meeting with yourself or your team, simply by entering a few details – this saves them having to dial a number or leave your site to visit another. Unlimited sliders support is available, as is a Price Table Builder, allowing you to structure your range of costs in a simple way potential patients will find a huge help. More than 250 icons can be chosen from, and there is even a five-minute screencast that explores the basic set-up, saving you time and effort spent on trying to figure the theme out.

Medico clean health WP Themedemo download / more info


Hypnosis is built for impressive responsiveness, designed to adapt to any gadget and any screen, ensuring users enjoy the highest quality of performance wherever they are. Sites which fail to suit their users’ screen can hamper functionality, with illegible text and poor images. The easier it is to use, the more conversions you are likely to secure. Parallax Scrolling incorporates layers to add to the users’ sense of immersion. 2D pages will be given a more three-dimensional edge, making the site seem more complex than it actually is. Plenty of icons and plug-ins are available, so this an ideal choice for hospitals, medical centers, dental centers, and more.

HypnosisHypnosis Health WordPress Themedemo download / more info

Health Coach

Health Coach is a popular option for those trying to build their own health-coaching site. The range of options allow you to give your domain a professional but approachable look, encouraging users to explore and get involved. Visual Composer makes building pages quick and simple, giving you the power to shift and relocate different page-components in a matter of seconds. The health WordPress theme offers a gadget-ready performance keeps the visuals looking as they should on screens of any dimension, ensuring users enjoy high-quality function on computers as well as mobile devices.

Health Coach Health WordPress Themedemo download / more info

Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic WordPress Themedemo download / more info

Health Plus

Thanks to Health Plus, you can enjoy using a variety of quality plug-ins for your site, enhancing your user’s experience within just a few clicks. Visual Composer is on-hand for easy page-building, and the timetable plug-in makes scheduling a breeze. Thanks to the simple administration panel, you can experiment with settings and control all elements on your site from one tool. The short-code system also allows you to create and edit your own content elements, with a minimum of coding-knowledge.

HealthPlus WordPress Health & Clinic WordPress themedemo download / more info


HealthCenter perfect health wordpress themedemo download / more info


For dentists, hospitals, wellness clinics, and more, Dentalux is a powerful theme that features an incredible variety of options. Plug-ins like Visual Composer and PO Composer give you the control you need to build a stunning, professional site with all the functions your patients will need. Cross-platform accessibility means that users exploring your site on their mobiles will have the same quality experience as they would on their computer. There is a fully-responsive layout, and many shortcodes for a unique site.

Dentaluxis health wordpress themedemo download / more info


Dentist Responsive One Page health wordpress themedemo download / more info

Health & Medical

Health-Medical-Responsive-WordPressdemo download / more info


Medicon-Health-and-Medicaldemo download / more info


Clinic-Medical-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Therapy-Health-and-Medical-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Dentic-WordPress-Theme-05demo download / more info


Senior-Health-Medical-Care-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

Nursing Home Care

Nursing-Home-Care-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


iMedica-Responsive-Medical-Health-WP-Themedemo download / more info


Dentistry-Responsive-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


MedicalPlus-Health-and-Medical-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Cosmedical-Health-Medical-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

Diagnostic Laboratory

Diagnostic-Laboratory-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

Dental Clinic

Dental-Clinic-Responsive-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


VETS-Veterinary-Medical-Health-Clinic-WP-Themedemo download / more info

Health & Medical for Medicine

Health-Medical-WordPress-Theme-Medicinedemo download / more info


Apicona-Health-Medical-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Medicum-Health-Medical-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

Health Care

Health-Care-Responsive-Health-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Clinico-Premium-Medical-and-Health-Themedemo download / more info


Medic-Medical-Health-Hospital-WP-Themedemo download / more info


LifeCare-Responsive-Medical-Wordpress-Themedemo download / more info


Healther-WordPress-Medical-&-Health-Themedemo download / more info


MedicalPress-Health-and-Medical-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


PharmaPlus-wordpress-Medical-Themedemo download / more info


Medicom-Medical-Health-Wordpress-Themedemo download / more info

Health Center

Health-Center-Responsive-Medical-Themedemo download / more info


MediCure-Health-Medical-Wordpress-Themedemo download / more info


Dictate-Business-Medical-WP-Themedemo download / more info


Panacea Medical Parallax Responsive WP Themedemo download / more info

We Care

We Care - Medical & Health WordPress Themedemo download / more info


SoulMedic Flat Responsive Medical Health Themedemo download / more info


Paeon-Medical WordPress Themedemo download / more info


Medico-Medical Health WordPress Themedemo download / more info

Office Space

clinicTheme Health Medical WordPress Themesdemo download / more info


MediCenter - Responsive Medical WordPress Themedemo download / more info


Medicate - Responsive Medical and Health Themedemo download / more info


HealthPress - Health and Medical WordPress Themedemo download / more info


HEAL - Responsive Medical WordPress Themedemo download / more info

Hair Transplantation

Hair-Transplantation-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

Plastic Surgery

Plastic-Surgery-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Dentistry-Responsive-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Medical-Responsive-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

Rehabilitation Hospital

Rehabilitation-Hospital-Responsive-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Medical-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Dentistry-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Optometrist-Responsive-WordPress-Health-Themedemo download / more info

Optometrist’s Health

Optometrist-Health-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

Alan Medical

Responsive-WordPress-Medical-Themedemo download / more info

Free Health WordPress Themes:


Free-WordPress-Health-Medical-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

Health Center Lite

Health-Center-Litedemo download / more info


Health-Free-medical-WordPressdownload / more info

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