80+ Best Music WordPress Themes 2017 Free & Premium

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The best free and premium music WordPress themes for the musician, recording studio, portal music, Artist, Band, Concert, Audio, Fansite website with clean design and strong features made to satisfy your fans.

Most of us live every day trying to be happy. one aspect of life that helps to improve on our happiness levels is music. For you who owns a website that duels on music, you have a responsibility to create the right mood that will help your visitors feel their best whenever they are on the site. if you are using WordPress to run your website, consider using music WordPress themes.Word press has huge numbers of such themes to choose from. in this article will review some of the top best WordPress music themes.

The fresh and clean music WordPress themes is dedicated to the world and knows well about the needs of music bands, music lovers, musicians, DJs or organizers of festivals. This music themes and tons of customization options, you will be able to create your personal unique website by few clicks as well as offer your visitors the best user experience.

Solala Music WP

solala music band wordpress themedownload / more info demo

Merchato – Music and Band eCommerce

merchato music band ecommerce wordpress theme download / more info demo

StereoForce – Music Band

stereoforce music band wordpress themedownload / more info demo

MusicBeat Music Band, DJ, Party, Music Club

musicbeat music band music club wordpress theme download / more info demo

Mizer – Musicians, Singers, Bands

mizer musicians singers bands wordpress theme download / more info demo

Musika – Music Festival

musika music festival band wordpress theme download / more info demo

Wave – Playback Music

wave continuous playback music theme download / more info demo


Lucille is a beautifully designed WordPress theme suitable for artists, musicians, music groups, producers or anyone working in the music industry. Lucille’s theme is extremely flexible, intuitive and easy to use, featuring premium features and plugins, making it a powerful and comprehensive solution for the music industry.

download / more info demo

Dance Academy

The DANCE theme is a versatile one-page theme. It is easy to use and understand. Define the website with a single click. We have greatly developed WordPress admin to provide you with more features that includes a wide variety of options and settings and offers maximum customization flexibility to help you create a dance school or dance site, dance blog as well as all Other fitness site, dance website or ballet dance studio site.

download / more info demo


download / more info demo

Music & Dance

Music & Dance is designed for dance, music or an artistic site with a distinctive style. There are many beautiful pages serving for various purposes like home page, blog page, event and gallery. Countdown on the event page will allow your visitors never miss any important events. Additionally, your site may have a lot more to make a profound impression on your visitors and provide them with a fun browsing experience like parallax background, hover effects, cursor support.

download / more info demo


download / more info demo


AQURA is an enchanting music and easy to use parallax, bands and DJ WordPress theme that allows you to tell your story in a dynamic, narrative and enjoyable way, making it perfect for musicians and DJs.

aqura music bands musicians WordPress theme download / more info demo

Sonic Music Industry with AJAX

SONIC was built in collaboration with real musicians who know exactly what a band needs.It a lot of layout, style and appearance options. It is fully customization and requires no web development experience. Just click on customize buttons and see how your site looks in the live preview.

sonic music industry WordPress themedownload / more info demo


Sonik is a wordpress flexible and powerful music theme has all the tools you need to build a professional website of music. With over 12 types of custom post, it allows you to create any type of content related to the music industry.

sonik music WordPress themedownload / more info demo


Music is a WordPress theme for music bands, professional deejays, singers and for any artist related to the music industry that want to show his talent and sounds to the world.

muziq music band WordPress theme download / more info demo


Felix is a completely creative and perfect theme for musicians, DJs, bands and other matters that are related to music. We made a great effort to give you the theme of the most comprehensive music that not only is the best on the market, but it is fully functional to make it easy to use and customize.

felix responsive music WordPress theme download / more info demo


Noisa is a powerful music theme, bright and incredibly diverse WordPress built specifically for Musicans, bands, net labels, DJs, producers. NOISA was made using AJAX technique – now you can be sure that the music will not stop playing when the navigation page. It is a great way to present your music at the highest level.

noisa wordpress music events theme download / more info demo


Croma is a creative and responsive WordPress theme dedicated to singers, bands and musicians. With Croma, you’ll be able to create a beautiful website for your music. It is an ideal theme to promote electronic press kits, online merch store and your beautiful music.

croma responsive music WordPress themedownload / more info demo

Sound Stage

Sound Stage is here, and if you are a musician, artist, music producer and webmaster; then I’m sure you’ll like this! Visitors hear what you are all about using smooth audio players of the theme, and tell all your upcoming events.

sound stage music bands WordPress themedownload / more info demo


Musisi is musician and Band WordPress theme with a design and functional supported for this. Suitable for bands, dj? S, singers, artists, radio, events and entertainment sites. The theme that allows you to give all the information on event planning, photo galleries while your group show, video galleries and discography. Musisi also have the model built using page meta box.

 musisi musicians bands WordPress themesdownload / more info demo


MESH WordPress Theme lets you play music continuously, to sell tickets, events, books and includes six months of support. We meshed together all the key features required for entertainment sites. MESH is perfectly suited to meet your multimedia needs and innovating at all levels. Give it a try and convince you.

mesh music band club theme download / more info demo


TheArtist is a modern WordPress theme music that focuses on the music industry. It can be used for websites of deejays, bands, radio websites, and vocalists. Looks great on all devices, both mobile and desktop.

theartist band music WordPress theme download / more info demo


If you have a vision for your website and want to make that vision a reality, consider using Eprom. Even if it will be your first time fiddling with web pages, this WordPress theme allows you to customise your page just the way you like it. the theme can be used for different niches and it provides you with the right features to make your site attractive thereby helping you to impress your visitors. You get a template that allows you to play with headers, footers and fonts just the way you like it. Full review of this theme is available here.

EPROM - WordPress Music Theme demo download / more info

Music Hub

This flexible music WordPress theme was specifically designed for those in the music industry. if the plan for your website is to be able to plan and organise events and possibly sell tickets online, then this is the right theme for you. the theme comes with plugins that allow the user to create pages without any knowledge of coding. The theme also contains the slider revolution that allows users to create impressive slides that keep their visitors hooked. this theme also includes the visual composer tool that allows for easy editing.

MusicHub-Music-Band-Club-Wordpress-Themedemo download / more info


This is another of the WordPress music themes that is great for use by bands, artists and individuals who want to showcase their artistic prowess. a great feature of this theme is that it easily resizes to fit the screen of the device from which it is being accessed. this means that it will work well with mobile devices. the visual composer is included that allows the user to drag and drop as they deem fit. It comes with a lot of features that can be easily customised. The event management feature allows the users to post information on upcoming events; location and price of tickets.

Vocal-Music-Event-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


This is one of those music themes on WordPress that is technologically advanced and includes a lot of cutting edge features. this theme is perfect for those websites that deal with music news or music magazines. It includes features like collapsible menus, trending posts and more the seven styles for use with featured images.

Obviously, WordPress has become the c go to place for the numerous website owners with no knowledge of coding. over the years,WordPress themes like WordPress music themes have improved as to be attractive even to seasoned web developers. there is no need to reinvent the wheel when you can find the right theme to suit your music website on WordPress. There are hundreds of themes to choose from and one thing you can be sure of is the fact that you will not be disappointed.

FWRD - Music Band & Musician WordPress Themedemo download / more info

Music Band

Music band live events is music WordPress theme for music recording studio, website, music bands and groups, music clubs, nightclubs, live music events, and online track showcases and music blogs and music bands such as music website, any kind of meaningful entertainment as well as night life and themed rock band theme. Topics are provided with custom master audio player that allows you to showcase your music to your website with a brilliant way. This is just yet, turn the music on the audio player, the most beautiful!

event-music-club-wordpress-themedemo download / more info

Rockit 2.0 Music Band

Rockit 2.0 is the HTML theme specially designed for the band’s music website. The music theme is ready to run out of the box and up to easily modify. The theme is fully responsive design, easy on the skin of a custom graphic color change. Rockit2.0 is compatible with all new browser. So it has defined the documentation included with the package. The quality of the source code is commented to edit the theme swipgeyi well formatted and available. This theme comes with some pre-production changes to the colors: yellow, blue, gray and white, but it takes only about 1 minutes to create the desired color scheme.

Rockit 2.0 Music Band WordPress Theme demo download / more info


Roadie - Professional One Page Music Theme demo download / more info

Sound Music

sound-musicdemo download / more info

Music flow

Musicflowdemo download / more info

Music Band

Music Band Responsive WordPress Themedemo download / more info


WeMusic is simple WordPress music theme! Theme is design for music, band, music, event organizer, album, nightclub / concert DJ, the festival website, such as when finely crafted built-in solution for e-commerce, to sell event tickets online albums and other music related products. Stylish layout for Dark Light version will certainly meet your expectations! In addition, there is a count-down NOO featured short code design (5) Home, Amazing Transparent View menu, sliders and parallax background to the revolution at first sight!

WeMusic - Music Band WordPress Theme demo download / more info


Musik - Music WordPress Theme demo download / more info

DJ Sugar

DJ Responsive WordPress Themedemo download / more info


Hugo - Music Bands WordPress demo download / more info


Beaton - Music WordPress Theme demo download / more info


Muusico - Song WordPress Theme demo download / more info


Sura is a WordPress themes for integrated music streaming music site many benefits and features. Art web site has been maintaining a high aesthetic standards, and visual design of Sura certainly meet the needs of the industry. To productivity, you must include an online store that can commercialize the contents of the site. Suraeun ensure that the store is to specify the difference between the digital and physical goods is integrated with WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce is by placing the majority of users trust this plug-in, the staple of the community for WordPress. Sura music WordPress theme uses AJAX in which the value of the load things on the fly and run all that butter can be fast. Common is added that contains the cart options that allow the user to select a track to add immediately that they enjoy / wishlist.

Sura - A Music WordPress Theme demo download / more info


Decibel - Music WordPress Theme demo download / more info


AUDIO is a professional and use one-page / multi-page, easy-to WordPress music theme. Audio theme music lovers, music band, musician, DJ a producer, an organization dedicated to the filmmaker, labels or events and festivals. Perfect for the entertainment industry.

Odio - Music WP Theme For Bandsdemo download / more info


SPECTRA - Responsive Music WordPress Theme demo download / more info


Vice: Music Band WordPress Theme demo download / more info


VibeMusic - Bands WordPress Theme

demo download / more info


DJ-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Colibri-WP-Theme-for-Busy-Musiciansdemo download / more info


Singer-Responsive-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Chords-Music-Artist-Radio-WordPress-themedemo download / more info


Remix-Music-Band-Club-Party-Event-WP-Themedemo download / more info


Calendo response WordPress Theme Set was developed primarily for music and DJ organizations, disco artist websites. Best suited for music groups. The design is unique and awesome. With Calendo WordPress theme you can create wonderful music site, the subject has a post page in a variety of types such as audio, artists, events, and gallery.

Calendo-Responsive-WordPress-Music-Themedemo download / more info


Nilltone-Multimedia-Music-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Music-Band-Responsive-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Sonorama-Music-Band-Musician-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Beatheaven-Music-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


UNIK-Universal-Music-Themedemo download / more info


Using a professional speaker music WordPress theme from the easiest one page. It is very easy to customize, simple to prepare all devices and settings. Whether you gunshots, speakers are present and includes all the features necessary for a band or label in order to facilitate the online operation. Of course, the speakers may be used for other purposes, and supports multi-page.

Speaker-One-Page-Music-Wordpress-Themedemo download / more info


Lush-Music-Band-Musician-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Road Runner is a single page music WordPress theme. You can use to display information about the storage, update and upcomming performances and artists. Its sleek, flat design and unique effects, impressed the visitors confirmed! If you want to show off your musical talent as a musician, band, or artist that is useful in the theme. Music is also useful to companies to monitor all of the artists and events.

RoadRunners-One-Page-Music-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Music is our passion! Jam Session is a looking cool music band WordPress theme for artists, music bands, musicians or people who work in the music industry. Subject has a modern design, very flexible, so you can customize it according to your music style and needs. JamSession offers music theme music, events, photo gallery and video full-screen sliders, respond brick archive layouts, custom post types. JamSession WordPress theme is very easy to configure both the expert and novice users. Subject looks perfectly on all devices respond.

JamSession-Music-Music-Band-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


MusicVent-Premium-Music-Event-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


RockOn-Multipurpose-Music-WP-Themedemo download / more info


NOISE-Onepage-DJs-Band-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Music-Club-Music-Band-Club-Party-Wordpress-Themedemo download / more info


Dubstep-Premium-Music-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


SoundBlast-Music-Band-Wordpress-Themedemo download / more info


Spikes-Music-Band-Wordpress-Themedemo download / more info


Music-Events-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Solution-Wordpress-Music-themedemo download / more info


WordPress-Music-Magazinedemo download / more info


Bands and musicians applaud the response page themes, performance, music band, musician, DJ is, producers, labels or organizers of events and festivals by using HTML5 and CSS3 .WordPress theme for all who love music Bootstrap framework At least two of its own design and construction. Events such as these provide the perfect organization of all necessary data is very strong theme, sound equipment, is the only gallery and Videos.And audio player.

Responsive-Music-DJ-WP-Themedemo download / more info


Music-DJ-Responsive-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Club88---Premium-Music-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Responsive-Music-DJ-Wordpress-Themedemo download / more info

Drury Lane

Drury-Lane-Theme-Musiciansdemo download / more info

Tuned Balloon

Tuned-Balloon-Music-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

I Love Rockband

Rockband-Music-Band-Wordpress-Themedemo download / more info


Trio-Band-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


SoundWave-Music-Vibe-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Music-Band-Premium-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Vibration is responses music and events WordPress themes. The vibrations of the music is not only the first WordPress theme that features a perfect music or event page builder and loads of options to create a unique website. Vibration is also provided 2 premium sliders Revolution slider, Layer Slider and Countdown, audio players, audio playback, and a list of events.

Vibration-Responsive-Music-Events-Themedemo download / more info

Nite Pop

Music-Band-Artist-Wordpress-Themedemo download / more info


Responsive-WP-Theme-for-Bands-Musiciansdemo download / more info


Soundstage-WordPress-Theme-Bands-Musiciansdemo download / more info

Rock Palace

Rock-Palace-Responsive-Music-Wordpress-Themedemo download / more info

Music Label Pro

Music-Label-Pro-Responsive-Music-Wordpress-Themedemo download / more info


Musica-Responsive-WordPress-WooCommerce-Themedemo download / more info


Acoustic-Premium-Music-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Clubber-Events-&-Music-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

Sound Rock

Sound-Rock-Music-Band-Wordpress-Themedemo download / more info


Live-Music-Wordpress-Themedemo download / more info

Rockit Now

Rockit-Now-Music-Band-Wordpress-Themedemo download / more info


Replay-Responsive-Music-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Muzak-Music-Premium-WordPress-themedemo download / more info


Soundboard-Premium-Music-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

Music Pro

Music pro is WordPress theme for band music website. It’s easy to use, fully customizable are well-documented. It not only can be used for other purposes. It is suitable for fully cusomizable and devices from a very wide desktop on a small smartphone.

Music-Pro-Music-Oriented-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Music-Musicians-theme-&-Facebook-appdemo download / more info


Nocturnal-Premier-Audio-WP-Themedemo download / more info


MB-Music-Band-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

DJ Samanta

DJ-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Singer-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


DJ-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Responsive-WordPress-Music-Band-Themedemo download / more info


Adams-Responsive-WordPress-Singer-Themedemo download / more info

Original Singer

Original-Singer-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Singer-Responsive-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Music-Responsive-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Music-Band-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

Recording Studio

Recording-Studio-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

Free WordPress Music Themes:

TA Music

TA Music Entertainment music related web site or to build an online presence and a wealth of advanced features, the best free WordPress theme for music bands and musicians in the niche of the industry. It is noteworthy that the theme you free music will help you get a head start on the event show, DJ, no matter what it is that the post type, elegant touch, artist, album, video gallery, photo gallery do not mix. You electro artists, music and albums and display a gallery, you can create a page for the artist to play his music through the powerful audio player works on all major browsers and mobile devices can be classified into their own genre. We are intended to provide you with many cases of visitors and fans are easily superior quality of the event manager to get up-to-date information such as event overview, tour dates or events, location or venue of the event, the date of the map, ticket availability and you can purchase tickets online or band merchandise.

Free Music Band & Musician WordPress Themedemo download / more info

Our Band

Our bands are very specific to very specific downloads free music WordPress theme for your web site. Band – It’s the subject of this design. Very nicely stylized as a professional group of musicians of great charm presentations or school band. This theme was developed with a combination of MP3 player, playlist, plugin HTML5 (A HTML5 MP3 player how to set up playlists).

Our-Band-Free-Responsive-Music-Wordpress-Themedemo download / more info

Feel the Sound

Feel-the-Sound-Free-Music-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info


Exciting free music WordPress theme stylist can create your own song lyrics site. The custom menu with the same functionality as WordPress 3+ ready themes, images, custom post types, custom sorting, etc. The theme also features a widgetized sidebar comes with the option panel. This theme was created to create a song based on the WordPress website. With features such as their theme custom post types, it provides additional features such as taxonomy

Celesta-Free-Song-lyrics-WordPress-themedemo download / more info

Clubs DJs

Nightclub is a clean free music WordPress theme that provides power to the next Music Club website. Party photos, suitable for events with a range of brilliant conversation the night before. Through all the custom admin panel – Night club comes with a nice slideshow, thumbnail large post, social button, Flickr photo feed. Beautiful typography, color scheme and modern textures

Music-Clubs-DJs-Free-WordPress-Themedemo download / more info

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