40+ Beautiful CSS HTML Login Form Templates

In this article we’ll show you some creative css html login forms templates using modern design with CSS3 and HTML5. In fact, nowadays, popular web service, web application are allows or requires user subscription, which means that they will need some kind of forms for users to register and sign in on their website. To help you, so I tried to find beautiful some different login forms, some of which are inspired by design concepts on the web design.

I believe that css / hmtl login form templates web design should be clean and efficient. With in mind that the form design should have different style, the principals login form need including just three elements: a username, a password , and a submit input. Because the markup is so simple, it allows for more flexibility when we code it into HTML and CSS.

Log in Form Connect with Facebook

Log-in-Form-Connect-with-FacebookDemo More Info

CSS3 Login Form

CSS3-Login-FormDemo More Info

Dark Login Form

Dark Login FormDemo Download

A clean and simple login form

A clean and simple login formDemo Download

Login Form Alert Interface in PSD and CSS

This alert widgets for form responses, a form login panel with Login / Sign Up buttons, and various other elements. As well as the PSD, we’re providing a fully coded CSS and HTML version to save you some time!

Login Form Alert Interface in PSD and CSSMore Info

Nice CSS3 Login Form

Nice CSS3 Login FormMore Info

Elegant Login Form

Elegant Login FormDemo Download

Vibrant Login Interface PSD and HTML/CSS

We’re really pleased with this login/register interface design. It’s provided both as a PSD and as a fully-coded HTML/CSS version, so you can get started integrating it straight away.

Vibrant Login Interface CSS  PSDDemo More Info

Simple Admin Theme: Login Page

Simple Admin Theme: Login PageDemo Download

Slick Login Form With CSS3

Slick Login Form With CSS3Demo Download

Login Form with HTML5

Login Form with HTML5Demo More Info

Apple Dev Login

Apple Dev LoginDemo Download (26033) More Info

Minimal style login form

Minimal style login formDemo Download (8881) More Info

Login Form with CSS 3D Transforms

Login Form with CSS 3D TransformsDemo Download

Custom Login Form Styling

Custom Login Form StylingDemo Download

Animated Form Switching with jQuery

In this tutorial we will create a simple animated form switch with three very common forms. The idea is not to leave the page when the user goes to another form but instead make the new form appear within the same container, expanding or contracting to the dimensions of the new form.

Animated Form Switching with jQueryDemo Download

Login and Registration Form with HTML5

Login and Registration Form with HTML5Demo Download

Login & Register Form With Error Handling

Login & Register Form With Error HandlingDemo Download

Login Form HTML/CSS3/jQuery

Login Form  HTML/CSS3/jQueryDemo Download More Info

Modern Login Form

Modern Login FormDemo Download More Info

Login Form (Coded)

Login-Form-CodedDemo Download More Info

Free HTML5 & CSS3 Login Form

Free HTML5 & CSS3 Login FormDownload More Info

CSS3 Register and Login Forms

CSS3 Register and Login FormsDemo Download More Info

Form Login dengan PHP, Jquery

Form Login dengan PHP, JqueryDemo Download

Connexion Form In Full Css3

Connexion Form In Full Css3Demo Download ($3)

Stacked Paper Login Window

Stacked Paper Login WindowDemo Download

Login form using HTML5 and CSS3

Login form using HTML5 and CSS3Demo Download (21308)

Animated Login Form with jQuery & CSS3

It is a simple animated login form which you can easily integrate in your web projects.

Animated Login Form with jQuery & CSS3Demo More Info

Stylish Animated Login and Signup Form with JQuery and CSS3

It is an amazing animated and stylish login / register jquery form which is simple to use. I put some animation which adds some attractive looks. If any one needs this form then only backend code is needed to make it working.

Stylish Animated Login and Signup Form with JQuery and CSS3Demo More Info

Animation Login Form

Animation Login FormMore Info

Apple-like Login Form with CSS 3D Transforms

In this tutorial we will see how we can use these transforms to create an interesting flipping effect on an Apple-inspired login form.

Apple-like Login Form with CSS 3D TransformsDemo More Info

Killua Flat Forms

Killua is flat designed and fontawesome powered html5/css3 forms. Killua has 10 predefined color options and very easy to customize

Killua Flat FormsMore Info

Flat Forms Pack

Flat Forms PackMore Info


Nice, clean and easy to use CSS3 Forms which has 4 forms included. This is clean and pleasant designed login, register, recover password & contact forms in HTML user interface with messages for each field which will help the visitors or members of your website.

Zi-4-FormsMore Info

Login & Sign Up Modal Forms

Login & Sign Up Modal FormsMore Info

Moon Forms – Login & Registration CSS Forms

Moon Forms are coupled login and registration forms having a modern design. The flexibility of these responsive forms allows placing it into any area on your site (like a widget, like a popup window, like a standalone page). Moon Forms may be become the first brick of your new web site or may be just a replacement of your old forms. Every year the people get more exacting. The forms are well thought out and may satisfy any user.

Moon Forms - Login & Registration CSS FormsMore Info

Day/Night Login Page

Day / Night Login Forms – has the net and unique design. In the kit you get 2 psd file with 3 forms. In two colors white and dark. As in the kit includes 4 style buttons. Thanks to the Day / Night Login Forms developers can save time and money on developing the design. And the designers can see an example of the correct organization of layers.

Day/Night Login PageMore Info

CSS3 PopUp LogIn and SignUp forms

Not so long ago, in order to achieve such effects, we used JS. But, now, CSS3 has all the necessary tools for making pop-up windows too.

CSS3 PopUp LogIn and SignUp formsMore Info

Pure CSS3 Forms Set

Pure CSS3 Forms Set allows you to create forms of any complexity and for any needs (login, registration, contacts, search, checkout, etc.).

Pure CSS3 Forms SetMore Info

Usable CSS Login & Register Form

Clean and usable login & register form is for every developer. It’s very fast pure CSS. Error handling states, social buttons and forgotten password state is in there.

Usable CSS Login & Register FormMore Info

Login Form

I built this login form to block the front end of most of my freelance wordpress projects during the development stage. This is just the HTML / CSS of it but it uses wordpress’s login system.

Login-FormDemo More Info

Simple & Flat Login Form

Simple & Flat Login FormDemo More Info

Remake of the first Login Form

Remake of the first Login FormDemo More Info

Smooth Negative Margin Login Form

Smooth Negative Margin Login FormDemo More Info

Flat UI Login Form

Flat UI Login FormDemo More Info

Simple signup form v2

Simple signup form v2Demo More Info

Login/Register form with pass metter

Login/Register form with pass metterDemo More Info

Depicto – Login & Registration Form Pack

Depicto-Login-Registration-Form-PackDemo More Info

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